How To Target Active Investors & High-Value Professionals On Their Financial Wellness Journey

Explore why partners that deliver affluent, influential investors focused on financial security in contextually relevant, brand-safe environments are a winning combination for financial advertisers.

Navigating the path to financial security is challenging, especially in a world where financial uncertainty often looms large. The concept of financial wellness has emerged as another tentpole of our lives that is a critical component of our overall wellbeing. And one that marketers for financial institutions need to understand and tap into to effectively communicate with and gain the trust of their target audience.

According to Forbes, the concept of financial wellness “is about changing financial behaviors and adopting more effective money habits to secure financial stability and financial freedom.” It’s about more than just balancing a checkbook or making sound investments; it’s about achieving a state of financial security, peace of mind, and a sense of empowerment over one’s financial life.

This article will explore new research into the investment and banking habits of today’s professionals and offer insight into effective marketing strategies for financial brands looking to influence this key audience. A few things are certain: targeting, contextual relevance and environment all play key roles in engaging audiences and driving impact.  Let’s explore each to better understand how they affect campaign ROI.

Effective Delivery of Active, Influential Investors and High-Income Retail Bankers

Since our first elevator display was lit in 1997, Captivate has been a leading media partner to efficiently reach high-income audiences. We have built our business on successful execution of campaigns targeting affluent professionals in office towers and recent expansion into 200+ WeWork co-working spaces and 5,000+ luxury residential properties. 

Captivate Viewers Are 2x More Likely To Be Asked For Advice on Financial Matters

As mentioned earlier, it is important for marketers to understand that professionals in Captivate buildings are confident, influential investors. 1 in 5 say financial podcasts influence their investment strategies. And interestingly, men are 2x more confident in their knowledge of investing vs. their female counterparts. Their overall understanding and confidence in investing is supported by the Captivate | Office pulse study that 3 in 5 professionals manage their own financial assets.

A recent Gallup poll finds that 61% of Americans report they own stock; up 11% from 2020 and the highest it has been since 2008. Similarly, the World Stock Market found that 59% of Canadians invest in the stock market. Millions of those individuals work and live in properties with Captivate. MRI-Simmons research provides 3rd party validation of the value of Captivate’s audience, indicating that Captivate viewers are 54% more likely to invest in the next 12 months and almost equally more likely to have completed 50+ investment transactions in the past year. They are a critical audience to reach not only because of their active investment activity but also because Captivate viewers are 2x more likely to be vital investment influencers.

Captivate Viewers – Completely Agree
People often ask my advice on financial matters211 Index
Often discuss my knowledge of financial products/services with others208 Index
I recommend financial products/services that I like163 Index
*Source: MRI-Simmons Fall 2022 Doublebase

Additionally, Captivate viewers are active retail bankers who are 84% more likely to have opened a personal line of credit and 67% more likely to have taken a 2nd mortgage in the past year.

Proprietary Research Provides Valuable Insights for Finance & Retail Banking Marketers

Captivate | OFFICE PULSE research offers marketers timely analysis, category insights and campaign effectiveness measurement from our proprietary panel of over 6,000 professionals who work and live in Captivate buildings. Our research is trusted by leading brands to measure campaign performance and data from our topical surveys has been widely published recognizing Captivate | OFFICE PULSE as the leading authority on the pulse of today’s professionals. 

Syndicated research tells a compelling story. But even more persuasive are insights from a recent financial wellness survey of Captivate viewers themselves. It reinforces the importance of reaching Captivate’s influential audience & provides valuable insight into areas of opportunity for finance, banking & credit card marketers. Let’s dive into the data representing professionals in Captivate buildings across the U.S. and Canada.

A resounding 3 in 4 professionals believe investing in the future is important. Currently 2 in 5 have $250K+ in investable assets and 10% have over $1Million. Taking a deeper look to evaluate their financial wellness, older professionals (A35+) are 30% less likely to describe their financial health as “Good” or “excellent” compared to younger professionals (A18-34). Marketers should understand this disparity and make strides to reassure audiences that their brand can help guide them on a path to financial security and wellness.

There is no surprise that current investment goals and priorities differ among these segments – older professionals have a heavier focus on retirement and children’s education. Younger professionals are focused more on milestone events (wedding, moving), a big purchase (home) and travel experiences. Insights below detail the overall investment goals & priorities of today’s modern professionals:

What are your investment goals/priorities right now? 

  • 80% Retirement
  • 50% Rainy Day (emergency fund)
  • 34% Big Purchase (house, car etc.)
  • 32% Travel Experience
  • 26% Child’s Education
  • 17% Milestone Event (wedding, moving)

8 in 10 Professionals Prioritize Saving for Retirement

How do you currently manage your financial assets? 

  • 62% I manage on my own
  • 37% Financial Advisor/CFP
  • 12% Wealth Management Advisor
  • 9%   Automated Robo Advisor

The study also explored retail banking attitudes and behaviors that can help fuel marketing strategy. Data shows that 2 in 3 professionals are satisfied with their primary bank. When choosing a banking institution low fees (65%), mobile & online access (60%), quality customer service (58%) and security/fraud protection (57%) are the most important factors in their decision.

Top Ranked Primary Banks:

32% Chase27% TD
14% Bank of America25% RBC
11% Citi14% CIBC
6% Wells Fargo10% BMO
4% Capital One8% Simplii Financial

Captivate | OFFICE PULSE can deliver custom insight into challenges specific to your business. For example, financial institutions targeting high-income investors may be interested to know where they plan to increase their investments in the next 6 months – 69% stocks, 40% mutual funds, 36% ETFs. Let’s work together to deliver research that will improve your ROI and drive results.   

Top Financial Institutions Trust Captivate To Deliver Results

GlobalX scaled statestreet logo iShares 2 1 RBC logo bankof america mastercard logo TD Bank logo HSBC etrade logo prudential 7 Fidelity Logo Van Eck Logo TRowe Price logo Crowe Logo Pimco Logo

Contextually Relevant, Brand-Safe Environments Elevate Campaign Impact

In today’s dynamic and interconnected digital landscape, ensuring the contextual relevance of content within brand-safe media environments has become paramount for businesses and advertisers alike – especially so for financial services companies. The notion of contextual relevance refers to the alignment between the content in which advertisements are placed and the brand’s values, messaging, and target audience. As the digital ecosystem continues to evolve, the ability to strategically curate and place advertisements in contexts that resonate with consumers and uphold brand integrity has emerged as a pivotal factor in achieving advertising success.

Brands who partner with Captivate can rest assured their campaigns will run alongside a professionally curated programming mix tailored to engage busy, informed, discerning audiences in commercial and luxury residential properties. Partnering with Captivate means clients can unlock turnkey content alignment opportunities with ongoing categories such as business, personal finance, tech, earnings, small business, market data, economy and more. Or explore brand collaborations to bring custom content activations to life that will connect and breakthrough with your target audience. 

BlackRock is a great example of extending their message relevance through contextual editorial alignments. Their campaigns have synced with standard features such as Monday’s ‘Financial Week Ahead’, earnings and economic updates to more strategic alignments. The campaign for their podcast ‘The Bid’ aligned with content reflecting the podcast’s content pillars – DEI, retirement planning, sustainability, and business/economy.

Other compelling executions include custom dashboards such as AmEx that reflected a custom mix of data including a daily quote, market data & business headlines. Or State Street Global Advisors who implemented a campaign with creative triggers based on market data. There are endless opportunities to harness the power of contextual relevance for your next campaign.

Not only do our displays in brand-safe environments offer opportunities for advanced targeting and contextually relevant alignments but our editorial team works hard each day to customize a content mix that resonates with busy professionals. Our research-driven approach ensures viewers enjoy watching and in turn remain engaged with our screens which drives higher recall for brand ads. Our Q4 2022 viewer tracker conducted by Captivate | OFFICE PULSE confirmed that:

  • 9 in 10 viewers like Captivate
  • 93% enjoy watching Captivate
  • 88% would be disappointed if Captivate were removed from their building

The Most Successful Campaigns Are Targeted and Relevant

For an ad to succeed, it must not only be seen by the right audience but also viewed as meaningful and relevant. The best media partners will deliver on all these goals and be able to measure success. The Captivate research team works with brands on custom campaign effectiveness studies to measure success. Here are a few examples of recent finance partner results:

iShares 2

  • +97% LIFT in Aided Awareness
  • +67% LIFT in Brand Rating
  • +17% LIFT in Consideration

  • 65% Total Ad Recall
  • 88% Ad Effectiveness
  • 82% Lift in Consideration Among Decision Makers or HHI $150K+

Advanced targeting capabilities allow us to build a plan specifically targeted to buildings in our footprint that over-index (120+ index) for audiences such as Active Investors, Financial Advisors, income levels and more to ensure your campaign is targeted, efficient and the most effective use of your media dollars. With the right strategy, your brand can help consumers navigate the uncertainty of today’s financial markets and reassure them that financial wellness is possible.

Captivate now includes nearly 21,000 displays in 7,300 venues across North America delivering over 2.5 billion monthly impressions. Digital video advertising is here to stay, make sure your strategy includes trusted, industry leading partners who can effectively target your campaign and drive results. Let’s discuss your brand goals and solutions to elevate your campaign performance. Captivate is here to help.

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