Influence high value decision makers where they WORK. LIVE. PLAY.

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Influence high value decision makers where they WORK. LIVE. PLAY.

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Premium, brand-safe lobby & elevator advertising screens connect brands to influential decision-makers in captive environments.

Custom solutions deliver brand message at multiple touchpoints along the consumer journey.

Elevator Screens

Captivate Office Logo

Office digital signage that engages hard-to-reach, high value decision makers during the workday. 

Advertise on lobby and elevator screens in premier office buildings that influence B2B and B2C decision-makers.   

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Captivate Residential - Wellness Solution

Reach upscale consumers in premier residential properties. 

Lobby and elevator advertising in high traffic common areas targets consumers with spending power at home in luxury residential buildings. 

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Golf course advertising allows brands to ride along with high value consumers for 3+ hours.​

Golf cart advertising targets upscale audiences in a relaxed environment. All-new connected golf cart displays feature Greg Norman golf tips, GPS yardages, hole flyovers and more. 

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Captivate CrossDevice

Re-engage Captivate viewers across mobile, desktop, and tablet devices

Blue Chip Brands Partner with Captivate to Deliver Results

Uncluttered Environments Allows Creative To Breakthrough

Quality Audience

Captive Environments

100% Viewable

Brand Safe Platform

Digital Advertising In Top Markets Across North America Represent The Most Purchasing Power

Million Viewers
North American Markets

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Premium Video In A Captive Environment Creates A Lean-In Viewer Experience

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175 World-Class Providers | Professional Editorial Team | Expertly Curated For Premium Audiences | Consistent Engagement

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Captivate LIFT LogoThird-party research measures campaign efficacy & audience satisfaction.

Brand Studies


Alida (formerly Vision Critical) Brand Studies deliver custom insights from a proprietary panel of business professionals. Metrics include campaign measurement & ongoing category/industry analysis.

Proven ROI For Advertising Partners:
49% Recall   |   47% Effectiveness
42% Purchase Intent   |   21% Drive to Web

Attribution Solutions

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