Get Noticed and Drive Action with Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) Advertising

Making an impression is more impactful than the number of impressions. OOH advertising has earned its stripes and now outperforms many traditional marketing tactics in terms of audience reach, targeting and contextual relevance, in large part due to the advancements of DOOH.


The Power of DOOH Media

DOOH advertising is flexible and effective, leveraging programmatic spend to target precisely the intended audience at precisely the right times of day better than traditional media.

The Benefits of Out-of-Home Advertising

Digital out-of-home advertising is highly targeted and reaches audiences in contextually relevant environments to maximize campaign effectiveness. And that’s why 83% of respondents said they paid attention to DOOH content and advertising “at least sometimes” and 50% say “most of the time.”

If you want to maximize your ability to connect with professionals and consumers with buying authority, digital out-of-home advertising is the way to go.

Key Benefits of DOOH

  • Hyper-targeted
    Thanks to programmatic DOOH, media planners have a range of targeting tools at their disposal to maximize the efficiency of their audience reach by pinpointing niche audiences.
  • Contextual Relevance
    With DOOH, you can target locations, environments or media publisher content that are contextually relevant to your product, campaign creative or target audience to maximize impression relevance.
  • Unscrollable and unblockable
    Unlike social media or emails, viewers can’t scroll past your DOOH media or block it, giving OOH ad campaigns greater visibility.
  • Repeat exposure
    DOOH extends campaign frequency by exposing your audience to your ads throughout their day. Studies show that ads seen two to three times have a beneficial impact on customers’ purchasing decisions and help them recall the brand’s products.

DOOH Examples

There are plenty of digital out-of-home advertising opportunities available. From strategically placed digital signage and billboards to digital screens in malls and elevator advertising, you can leverage DOOH media to capture the attention of some of the most elusive yet valuable consumers.

B2B Brands

If you’re a B2B marketer, the best place to advertise is where those busy professionals work. These are small business owners, enterprise CEOs, IT directors and so many others who have budgets to spend or influence those who do.

DOOH ads are most effective when they’re seen at the time purchase decisions can be influenced. Catching them on an elevator ride when they can get to their desk and search your site is your best chance to influence a purchase decision.


B2C Brands

As a B2C marketer, it’s still about timing. That elevator ride can prove just as beneficial when your ad for a nearby restaurant chain pops up on the digital elevator screen just prior to the lunch hour.

You can advertise on screens strategically located in buildings near your brand’s location, where upscale, busy professionals with spending power work and live. 

From luxury goods and services to low-cost convenience, catching them at the right time makes all the difference in driving in-store and online purchases

High-Traffic Locations. With a Twist.


While people may glance at a digital billboard on the side of a bus or on top of a building, the real magic happens when you can connect with your intended audience. Quality impressions always outplay quantity.

Yes, mass-reach OOH billboards are great, but few brands have the budget or appetite for media plans that yield waste from serving impressions to millions of people outside of their target audience.

With DOOH advertising, advanced targeting solutions ensure your ads are served on digital screens in specific office buildings and multifamily residential buildings that over-index for your intended target audience. This strategy proves much more effective and better use of campaign dollars.

Modern professionals are back in the office and entering and exiting their office buildings throughout the day. They’re waiting at the elevator bank, standing in the elevator with strangers with nothing to cut the awkwardness, walking through the building lobby, and perhaps waiting for a co-worker. The same goes for those living in luxury high-rise apartments. Your target audience is spending a lot of time in these common areas.

These are the connection opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. Make the most of this precious time with ads that resonate, particularly when they’re paired with relevant, useful content that captures viewers’ attention.


Getting Your Ads on the Digital Screens That Matter

For a media planner, nothing is more important than maximizing ad exposure to your intended target audience with minimal waste. Waste not, want not. 

Incorporating relevant, targeted DOOH into your plan will extend reach and maximize campaign delivery and impact at effectively lower CPMs. You can invest those extra ad dollars and time elsewhere.

Location is everything. Partnering with a media network that can give you access to high-value audiences who influence B2B and B2C purchase decisions is one of the smartest steps you can take.

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