How Targeted Office Advertising Benefits the Brands Your Agency Represents

Advertisers invest a considerable amount of time and effort developing and implementing multi-faceted ad campaigns designed to help their clients promote specific products and services, increase brand awareness, generate leads, and close more sales. As technology advances and consumer behaviors and expectations evolve, so does the way media publishers, advertisers, and marketers are using the latest tools at their disposal for reaching key demographics with targeted advertising campaigns.

When it was first announced that third-party cookies would soon become little more than a blip in internet history, advertisers were understandably concerned. Many felt they’d lose the ability to fine-tune their approach in digital spaces. 

But the industry, as always, has shown remarkable resiliency. When your clients are counting on you to capture the attention of notoriously hard-to-reach business professionals and corporate decision-makers, consider some of the many ways office advertising can be a highly targeted, highly effective approach for the brands your agency represents.

Why Top Agencies Are Investing in Targeted Office Advertising

The world wide web was initially created to allow the exchange of information between computers. It wasn’t until the launch of the first mass-market internet browser in 1994 that internet use soared. As browser usage increased, numerous search engines got into the game. Cookies were created to keep track of who was visiting e-commerce websites and which products were attracting the most attention. As technology advanced, the advertising industry recognized the value of third-party cookies for ensuring a client’s ads were seen by the right people.

For years, it was widely accepted that ads intended to reach high-value consumers gained the most traction after their offices closed for the day, during evenings and weekend hours. While that timing might still make sense for network television and radio marketing, the practice of targeting professional audiences when they’re away from the office is clearly outdated. Today’s influential business professionals spend a considerable amount of money and influence their company’s purchase decisions long before they’re heading home for the day.

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Experts estimate that 140 million Americans are comparing product specifications, planning vacations, browsing social media, and shopping online during business hours. Although consumers are using their PCs and mobile devices throughout each phase of their purchasing journey, data suggests that 70% to 80% ignore or scroll right past sponsored search results while browsing the internet. In response, some of today’s most resourceful advertisers are capturing the attention of increasingly elusive audiences by placing their clients’ ads on digital out-of-home (DOOH) office media screens.

How Targeted Office Advertising Benefits the Brands Relying on Your Expertise

The concept of out-of-home advertising is nothing new. Advertisers have relied on billboards, eye-catching wallscapes, and ad placement on street furniture, subways, and buses for decades. Digital out-of-home marketing works on the same basic concept. But instead of placing static ad creative reaching mass audiencess, DOOH advertising allows you to target highly-specific demographics with full motion video ads on screens located in spaces where those most likely to invest in your client’s products and services live and work. With DOOH, you’re effectively merging the benefits of online and offline advertising.

Like the digital displays you’ll often see in gyms, airport terminals, and malls, in-office screens reach high-value consumers in close proximity to purchase enabling you to influence behavior where and when it matters. As you consider some of the many advantages of adding office advertising screens to your digital toolbox, consider how the following benefits of partnering with the right network provider could also impress the brand representatives relying on your expertise.

Increasing Brand Visibility Where & When Purchasing Decisions Happen

In today’s increasingly digitally connected workplace, some of the most impactful business collaborations, including discussions about complex purchasing decisions, are taking place in virtual meeting rooms. 

Upscale professionals with massive spending power are finalizing plans for upcoming business trips and family vacations, and working parents are spending considerable sums shopping for their families. Although recent polls suggest that more than 40% of consumers are installing ad-blocking software on their PCs and smartphones, 69%  admit to shopping at work. That number jumps to 81% when evaluating the data submitted by millennial survey respondents.   

With the right network provider, you’ll have everything you need to give your clients the advantages of targeted office advertising placements in office lobbies, common areas, and elevators—locations that capture the attention of business professionals as they’re making their way to important meetings, contemplating where to spend the upcoming holidays, building their holiday shopping lists and imagining various ways they could be enjoying their discretionary income. That makes targeted office advertising on in-office screens a cost-effective way to influence purchasing decisions where and when they’re most likely to happen long before any plans are finalized.

Attracting Viewer Attention in Ways Most High-Value Consumers Appreciate & Enjoy

Internet users are exposed to anywhere between 4,000 and 10,000 ads each day. While billboards, banner ads, and social media spots may get a glance or two as consumers make their way to the office, only nine of every 100 ads attract more than a single second of viewer attention. 

Of the few online ads today’s consumers engage with as they go about their day, most are forgotten by the time they reach their destinations. Ads placed on screens in office lobbies, common areas, and elevators are less likely to be ignored or forgotten because their audiences are less distracted.

But merely placing a steady stream of full-screen advertisements on in-office fixtures probably won’t gain much traction—viewers need to be engaged. Although reasonably effective for bringing digital ads to offline audiences, advertising must hold viewer attention for a minimum of 2.5 seconds to have any chance of being remembered. Most ads don’t, at least not on their own. 

The best targeted office advertising network providers are capturing and holding the attention of some of today’s most elusive consumers by placing ads alongside the type of contextually relevant content busy business professionals appreciate and enjoy, like stock market updates, financial reports, business news, lifestyle content and more. Recent studies suggest marketing efforts optimized for attention are three times more effective in terms of building brand awareness than those that are not.

Providing Access to Sophisticated Targeting, Measurement & Attribution Capabilities

The demand for DOOH advertising is so strong that market analysts anticipate a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 11% through 2032. As awareness increases, you’ll likely find multiple companies offering various types of DOOH services. 

The best media partners for advertisers interested in bringing products and services to the attention of high-value consumers in commercial properties will give you more than access to an expansive network of screens. They’ll work with you to ensure your clients have the best DOOH advantages available, including creative display options, expertly curated content, and dynamic ad integrations.

With the right partnership, your agency and your clients also reap the rewards of having highly advanced targeting capabilities and the ability to target locations beyond the basics like geography to more enhanced metrics like job title, company size, proximity to retail, and more. You could also have access to an impressive set of tools and research to measure campaign effectiveness.  

Implementing Creative Engagement Strategies in a Brand-Safe Environment

In the not-so-distant past, ad agency representatives had to reach out to multiple publishers to get their ads displayed across various media vehicles. Back then, most OOH content was displayed outdoors on large billboards. Today, agencies placing ads on easily accessible indoor screens are taking full advantage of their ability to incorporate DOOH as part of an omnichannel marketing campaign designed to more efficiently reach their target audience and engage them creatively. 

In addition to capturing their target audience’sattention alongside brand-relevant, expertly curated content,effective office advertising strategies make it easy for busy professionals to scan embedded QR codes for direct access to product specifications or special offers in a brand-safe environment.

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Ensuring this brand-safe environment is essential. Allowing your client’s ads to be placed alongside anything that could be considered inflammatory, factually questionable, or inappropriate has a way of negatively impacting consumer perception. The repercussions can be swift, severe, and linger for years. Reputable, experienced in-office advertising providers go to great lengths to ensure their platform remains controversy-free and their advertisers are well-protected from the potentially detrimental effects of unfortunate associations.

Get Ready to Impress Your Clients with Targeted Office Advertising

Your agency devotes a considerable amount of time and attention to meeting and exceeding the expectations of the brand clients you represent. Once you’ve realized just how many influential professionals and corporate decision-makers are purchasing products and services during business hours, it’s easy to see why so many agencies are offering the option of targeted in-office advertising. 

To learn more about the benefits of getting your client’s ads placed on a network of digital screens delivering 2.2 billion impressions each month in premium office towers across North America, contact Captivate. With Captivate, you can count on effective audience targeting, options to customize brand alignment and access to high-value professional audiences at multiple touchpoints throughout their day. To get started, submit a contact form to book a demonstration.

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