CAPTIVATE Webinar: ALL Impressions Are NOT Created Equal

Captivate has created a powerful webinar that explores the acceleration of impression performance when campaigns prioritize publishers who provide higher quality impressions that are strategically designed to push beyond viewability & capture attention.

In this Webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How successful campaigns prioritize “quality impressions”
  • Why engagement matters with lean-in experiences
  • The Importance of focusing on media that represents strong buying power
  • How to measure attention and harness those metrics

Getting in front of an audience is the goal of any advertising campaign, but it’s not just any audience. The a-ha moment is when you understand that “who” you reach matters more than “how many” you reach. And that’s where Attention Metrics become a valuable tool to add to your campaign planning arsenal.

Captivate’s CRO Lorenzo Papa is joined by a panel of industry experts featuring esteemed panelists Natrian Maxwell (GM Emerging Markets @ The Trade Desk), Martin Porter (SVP OOH Investment @ Dentsu), and Diane Williams (Sr Director OOH @ Comscore).

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