The Impact of Elevator Advertising

Capture the undivided attention of highly targeted audiences in captive, low-clutter environment

Leverage One of the Most Efficient and Effective Media to Best Utilize Budgets


Captivate offers media planners, media strategists, and advertising professionals a powerful digital-out-of-home advertising opportunity that reaches desired target audiences while maximizing the media plan’s reach—elevator advertising.

Mass reach channels waste precious resources delivering wasted impressions outside of your intended target audience, In contrast, advertising in elevators with Captivate’s advanced targeting solutions ensure your campaign effectively reaches your target audience in the most efficient way. Captivate provides access to high-value, upscale audiences who influence and make purchasing decisions for their companies and their families.

With Captivate’s elevator advertising solutions and advanced targeting capabilities, media dollars go further. We get brands’ ads on elevator screens in buildings where their precise target audiences work and live for maximum efficiency. By adding elevator advertising to your media strategy, you have remaining budget to invest in other channels to improve the effectiveness of your campaign delivery.

Elevator Advertising Experience

Captivate operates more than 18,620 energy-efficient, visual-only digital screens in elevators and lobbies of premier office and residential buildings across North America— high-impact screens that make advertising in elevators engaging, relevant and unmissable in otherwise boring elevator rides.

Display your elevator ads with a full motion or static spot in a brand-safe environment adjacent to Captivate’s high-value, lean-in editorial content crafted to be relevant and engaging to professional audiences. Content alignments and custom content partnerships with brands extend the contextual relevance of your campaign with influential B2B and B2C purchase decision makers.

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Standard Ad

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Full-Screen Ad


Brand Integration Ad

Data-Driven Audience Targeting Options Based On:

  • Geography
    Designated Market Area (DMA), Proximity (geolocation), and Points of Interest (POI)
  • Time
    Day of Week and Time of Day
  • Tenant Data
    Detailed business-level data for office buildings, such as company name (ABM), size, industry and/or revenue
  • Browsing & Visitation Data
    Pre-built and updated daily, such as Executive & C-Suite and hotel visitors
  • Custom Audiences
    Client site visitation data or first-party CRM data

Ad Sales Content Collaborations

Captivate can optimize your onscreen ad experience by aligning with specific content relevant to your target audience. Advertising in elevators works. And when we expertly align your ads to meaningful content or partner to curate custom content alignments, they get the attention and deliver the impact they deserve.


Captivate Curated Content Types:

  • News
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Business
  • Travel
  • Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Sports
  • Seasonal Topics: Gift Guides/Tips/Recipes

Connect with Your Target Audience with Captivate

Captivate is more than slick elevator screens, advanced targeting solutions, or curated content collabs. We are your secret weapon. Your trusted partner who collaborates with you to ideate creative executions to achieve your brand goals.

Wherever you want to be, Captivate can get you there via our extensive elevator advertising network. Reach your audiences multiple times throughout their day for maximum impact on the most cost-effective channel guaranteed to drive results. We’ll even help you measure them with sophisticated measurement and attribution tools to track campaign effectiveness.


Captivate’s elevator digital out-of-home network reaches high-value professionals where they work.



Captivate’s elevator digital out-of-home network influences upscale buyers where they live.

Let’s Create an Exceptional Experience Together

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