Ad Sales Case Studies

Leading brands and agencies partner with Captivate to achieve & exceed campaign KPIs. Learn how 3rd party research partner Alida tracks & measures campaign success.


LinkedIn Advertising relied on Captivate to pinpoint buildings with Fortune 1000 and advertising agencies to increase awareness of advertising solutions among marketing and advertising decision-makers. Among other KPIs, the four-week campaign delivered a 45% lift in brand awareness.


Square mobile payment platform leveraged Captivate to build awareness of their centralized management solution among professionals in the health and wellness space. After a nine-week campaign targeting doctor’s offices and healthcare professionals, the analysis revealed a remarkable 111% lift in brand familiarity.


Making a Good Impression with Objective-Based Advertising

The Professional Network Advertisers Love

LinkedIn is perhaps the largest online professional network, connecting hundreds of millions of members to each other—and to advertisers via LinkedIn Advertising. With LinkedIn members driving business decisions, it’s no wonder brands succeed in generating leads, driving website traffic and building brand awareness on their platform.

Getting the Word Out

LinkedIn was looking to solve the challenge of increasing awareness among marketing professionals and business decision-makers of its ability to help marketers reach more customers from objective-based advertising. The company partnered with Captivate to identify buildings with Forture 100 companies and advertising agencies to efficiently target professionals with a 4-week campaign promoting LinkedIn Advertising.

Reliable Measurement and Impressive Results

Captivate and research partner Alida deployed a pre-campaign survey to panelists in campaign buildings to understand baseline consideration and familiarity. A second survey was deployed to the same buildings during the last two campaign weeks. Results were compared to measure the impact of the Captivate campaign.


*Among Marketing Professionals & Business Decision Makers


Pinpointing Audience to Increase Product Awareness

A Powerful Ecosystem of Commerce Solutions

Square began as a mobile POS reader provider in 2009 but has evolved into an integrated, omnichannel solutions provider that includes in-person and online payment processing and a centralized business management solution. Now, sellers of all sizes, complexity and industries can rely on Square for everything from managing inventory and employees to booking appointments and hiring staff.

Building Awareness in the Health and Wellness Space

Square was faced with the challenge of increasing awareness in the health and wellness space of the company’s ability to implement a centralized management solution. Square partnered with Captivate to target doctor’s offices and healthcare professionals with a 9-week campaign promoting the benefits of using one platform to make all parts of a health and wellness practice work together.

Significant Increases in Main KPIs

Together with research partner Alida, Captivate deployed a post-campaign survey to panelists in targeted healthcare campaign buildings. The campaign’s impact was measured by comparing professionals who recalled the ads vs. those who did not.


*Buildings with doctor’s offices & healthcare professionals