Design Engaging Tenant Messages with Captivate ScreenCenter™

Skip the homemade posters and go digital! Discover ways your building can use digital signage for successful tenant communication. From building announcements and leasing opportunities to community fitness and building events, customize your messaging to fit your property’s needs.

We were so inspired by how our clients are using Captivate ScreenCenter™ & Custom Content Window, we wanted to share their ideas with you! Check out a video on our tenant communication app and see how it works. Lacking creativity? We have templates that can be easily customized for your building.

Get creative on our tenant communication app that builds community and tenant loyalty.

Promote Events – Tenant Messaging

From “meet your neighbors cocktail hour” to “renewal parties” promoting building events can help you reach your property management goals. Align your building events with an always-on Custom Content Window with a curated QR code for tenants to download your building’s app.

Building Updates – Tenant Messaging

Place your digital lobby display in common areas to get the most exposure. With so much going on in the lives of your tenants, an email or notification can be easily missed. Ensure tenants are looped into updates and protocols by posting on digital displays.

Holiday Messaging to Tenants

Planning a holiday party for your building? Anxious no one will come? Make sure your tenants know about your events by posting on your digital display.

Welcome – Tenant Messaging

Welcome your tenants’ friends and family into your building with eye-catching messaging that you can post in our property management software, ScreenCenter. Customize your custom content window on amenity updates to increase engagement, a sense of community and excitement.

Fitness – Tenant Messaging

A home is more than a place where you eat your meals and go to sleep. Keep your building competitive with Health and Wellness programming, and promote it with a digital display.

Alert & Security – Tenant Messaging

Nervous that your tenants haven’t read your email about the fire drill? Safety issues and emergencies happen. Make sure your tenants are looped in. Within seconds, you can override your digital screen with emergency messaging.

Inspirational – Tenant Messaging

It can take one inspirational quote to turn someone’s day around.

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