Design Engaging Resident Messages with Captivate ScreenCenter™

Skip the homemade flyers and costly posters – Embrace the digital era! Discover the various ways your multifamily property can leverage digital signage for effective resident communication. Whether it’s broadcasting property updates, highlighting leasing opportunities, or spotlighting community initiatives, you easily can tailor your messages effortlessly to match your property’s vibe.

We were so inspired by the innovative ways our clients utilize Captivate ScreenCenter™ & Client Content Window, we decided to share their ideas with you! Check out a video on our resident communication app and see how it works. Lacking creativity? We offer customizable templates that can be easily adapted to suit your building’s unique style.

Get creative to engage residents, build community and loyalty.

SC Event

Promote Resident Events

From “summer kick off parties” to “game watch get togethers” there is a myriad of ideas to get residents together and foster a sense of community. Effective promotion of property events can help you reach your property management goals. Add a QR code to ensure it is quick & easy to RSVP for events while it is top of mind.

SC Update

Building News & Updates

Place your digital lobby display in common areas to get the most exposure. With so much going on in the lives of your residents, an email or notification can be easily missed. Ensure they are looped into updates and protocols by posting on digital displays. Align your message with an always-on Custom Content Window with a curated QR code for residents to download your building’s app.

SC Maintanence

Maintenance Alerts

Effective communication of maintenance updates and issues is extremely important. Properties need to ensure residents learn of issues from you – not their neighbors. Digital signage is the perfect solution to quickly publish unexpected maintenance issues that arise. It is also a great way to notify residents of upcoming improvement projects so they are in the loop, aware of any potential impact to their day & also reinforce for them that property updates and improvements are a priority for you.

SC Holiday

Holiday Messaging to Residents

A thoughtful recognition of holidays throughout the year are always appreciated on digital displays. Don’t overthink it either – a simple design with a simple greeting is always a smart choice. If you happen to have a holiday event planned – don’t forget to include it in your message to maximize attendance.

SC Welcome

Welcome Resident Messaging

Welcome your residents and their guests to your building with eye-catching messaging that you can post in our property management software, ScreenCenter. This is a great way to reinforce your brand and build connection with property management.

SC Fitness

Fitness & Wellness Updates

A home is more than a place where you eat your meals and go to sleep. Keep your building competitive with Health and Wellness programming, and promote it with digital display signage.

SC Alert

Alert & Security Messaging

Nervous that your residents haven’t read your email about the fire drill? Safety issues and emergencies happen – make sure they are looped in by alerting them on digital signage displays. Communicate safety and security protocols or within seconds, you can override your digital screen with emergency alert messaging.

SC Quote

Inspirational Quotes

It can take one inspirational quote to turn someone’s day around. Easy to find, easy to design – inspirational quotes are great additions to your property message mix that add personality, creativity and bring a smile to residents and visitors.

Rental Space 2

Promote Rental Spaces

Showcase rentable spaces in your community like guest suites and party rooms to drive incremental revenue. Highlight the beautiful spaces you offer residents to impress their friends and family and make hosting a breeze with a turnkey, on site amenity.   


Pick Up Packages

Remind residents about the convenience of a locker system for their package pickups. This Proptech amenity ensures a seamless, contactless experience they’ll appreciate.


EV Charging Amenity

Keep residents informed of all the amenities found in and outside of your building. Add a QR code to drive residents to a booking calendar to control flow of traffic in the garage area.


Philanthropic Initiatives

Use our screens to give your residents a chance to participate in a good cause. Choose a charity which has seasonal drives, setup a time and location, and announce details on screen.


Feature Furry Friends

We’re looking at you, pet-friendly properties! Give your residents a chance to feature their best friends on our screens as a way to get them interacting in the community.

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