Captivate Now Reaches Over 4M Unique Households

Innovative new partnership adds over four thousand luxury apartment buildings to Captivate’s network.

NEW YORK, October 16, 2023 — Captivate, a leading digital video network, is now partnered with Luxer One, a leader in modern package delivery services, to enhance digital screens on package management lockers across multifamily properties. This collaboration brings Captivate’s content experience to residents in upscale multifamily residences, giving advertisers unprecedented access to primary shoppers and household decision-makers in a brand-safe environment. 

Captivate serves as the digital content solution for Luxer One screens, delivering an engaging media experience through interactive package locker screens in upscale multifamily residences. The partnership extends Captivate’s network by an additional 4,665 venues across over 140 DMAs, scaling Captivate’s total portfolio of office buildings & residential properties to over 4 million unique households. 

“The rapid adoption of our residential solution validates the power of Captivate beyond the office and throughout the consumer journey from work to home,” noted Alice Gogh, Chief Growth Officer at Captivate. Captivate’s residential footprint grew exponentially over the past few years, with viewers and clients affirming the value of curated video in premium residential settings.  

“Captivate’s partnership with Luxer One is a perfect complement to our existing residential network, amplifying our ability to deliver principal shoppers at scale with zip + 4 targeting to over 2M unique households,” shares Lorenzo Papa, Captivate’s Chief Revenue Officer. “Additionally, this partnership enables brands to interact with consumers beyond our screens in an intimate and meaningful way via in-app and email messaging, extending their opportunity to influence purchase decisions at moments of commerce.” 

Captivate delivers a rich content experience to complement high-end residential properties with a programming mix of world class content partners like the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Eater and more, and tailored specifically for affluent decision makers and consumers. For agencies and brands, Captivate offers custom-branded solutions, such as content alignment and branded integrations, in contextually relevant environments to activate campaigns. 

About Captivate 

Captivate is a leading digital video network with over 20,000 screens engaging decision makers in premium locations. A trusted partner for over 25 years, Captivate provides agencies and brands unrivaled access to high-value audiences at scale in brand-safe environments, serves as a turnkey amenity for properties, and curates relevant content that elevates the viewer experience.  

About Luxer One  

Luxer One is a technology company specializing in contactless pick-up and drop-off solutions for packages and goods. The company’s smart package lockers are utilized in multifamily residential, retail, commercial, and higher education settings. Luxer One has executed more locker deliveries through its advanced technology platform than any other smart locker company. Over 300 million U.S. packages have been delivered to Luxer One lockers. Learn more at:

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