The Industry’s Most Effective Tenant Communication Tool

ScreenCenter™ gives you the ability to take control of your Captivate elevator and lobby displays to broadcast building communication directly on-screen to tenants.  The ScreenCenter self-service portal enables you to build and deliver messages quickly and seamlessly – whether to a single property or across an entire portfolio of buildings.

ScreenCenter™ is a building’s must-have communication tool for all property owners and managers – that’s why it comes standard in every Captivate agreement, regardless of building square footage or class.

*Newly launched ScreenCenter 2.0 includes new features such as ScreenCenter Video and Alert Override Messaging

Your message gets delivered to every tenant in the building with 95% viewership

“ScreenCenter is an easy way to communicate with our tenants vs relying on emails to be cascaded internally”


“Tenants love Captivate and it helps keep everyone informed of building events and worldwide news”


“Captivate’s ScreenCenter has proven a valuable tool that allows us to share messages to tenants at a single property, or promote broader initiatives across our portfolio”

- The Durst Organization

Build Eye-Catching Messages with User-Friendly Templates

The Captivate SceenCenter portal comes loaded with a variety of pre-built templates that will allow you to easily build and post messages from day 1

Choose Message Frequency

Choose the frequency with which your messages will appear on-screen with the flexibility to increase your daily ScreenCenter rotation amount. Ask us about upgrade options & pricing.


*Included Standard

Your message is displayed every 6 minutes

20 Rotations per-hour

Your message is displayed every 3 minutes

30 Rotations per-hour

Your message is displayed every 2 minutes

60 Rotations per-hour

Your message is displayed every 1 minute

Support All of Your Building Initiatives

Why ScreenCenter?

  • Replace outdated means of tenant communication

  • Custom design your own messages in minutes
  • Ensure high readership
  • Communicate across portfolio of buildings
  • Determine message reach and frequency
  • Build a sense of community amongst tenants
97% of Property Manager ScreenCenter to be an effective way of communicating with tenants
95% of tenants agree ScreenCenter is an effective way of receiving building communication from management
95% of tenants watch Captivate screens in their elevators daily

Discover New ScreenCenter Features

ScreenCenter Video

Enhance property messages with our new video templates that are both dynamic and easy to build through the same portal


Override Messaging

Perfect for urgent messages like work alerts and weather warnings, our Override Messaging allows for immediate screen takeover for intervals of up to 24 hours


Experience a Turnkey Solution


M-F Tech Support

Mobile Capability

Dedicated Training


Available 7a-7p EST


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