The Industry’s Most Effective Tenant, Guest, and Visitor Wellness Communication Tool

ScreenCenter™ and Custom Content Window is a building’s must-have communication tool for all property owners and managers – that’s why it comes standard in every Captivate agreement, regardless of building square footage or class.

*Newly launched ScreenCenter 2.0 includes new features such as ScreenCenter Video and Alert Override Messaging

Why ScreenCenter?

  • Replace outdated means of tenant communication

  • Custom design your own messages in minutes
  • Ensure high readership
  • Communicate across portfolio of buildings
  • Determine message reach and frequency
  • Build a sense of community amongst tenants
97% of Property Managers agree ScreenCenter is an effective means of tenant/resident communication
95% of tenants/residents agree ScreenCenter is an effective method to receive building communication from management

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