Welcome To Captivate Go

Digital Signage For The Next Generation Of Workspaces

Welcome to Captivate Go!

Digital Signage For The Next Generation Of Workspaces

About Captivate Go 

Turnkey Installation

Set up is quick and easy with Captivate Go.  Only a few simple steps and an internet connection will have your work space enjoying the live Captivate experience.

Relevant News & Information

Professionals seek connection to the outside world during the workday. To fill this void, Captivate partners with 150+ best-in-class media providers to curate meaningful content that is relevant to modern professionals.

Quality Content

Employee Communication

Broadcast corporate messages with our ScreenCenter™ self-serve platform. Dozens of templates provided to make design easy and messages effective. Uses include HR reminders, corporate event promotion, sales dashboards, employee spotlights and more.

Employee Communication

Advanced Features

Captivate offers an extensive and flexible set of enhanced features that elevate your company’s on-screen experience. Options include custom content selection, corporate branding, alert messaging capabilities and more.

Advanced Features


Captivate Go

Get the full power of Captivate service without the need for new screens or installation. Just plug it in and (Captivate) Go!

Simply connect the Captivate Go stick into your existing displays with one HDMI-enabled device.

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