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Reach An Upscale Audience At Home Where Purchases Are Made.

Reach An Upscale, High-Quality Audience At Home Where Purchases Are Made

Captivate | RESIDENTIAL influences consumers with spending power at home on highly visible digital signage displays in high traffic spaces & common areas of premier residential properties.


100% Effective Delivery Of Household Principal Shopper

1,500 Digital Video Screens    |    15 North American Markets

Captivate | RESIDENTIAL efficiently delivers your message throughout the day, night & weekend to affluent consumers who are spending more time at home & online shopping more than ever due to the global health crisis.

Captivate’s brand-safe platform provides exclusive advertising placement in captive environments.


Influence Consumers With
Spending Power

Source: MRI 2019 Doublebase

Premier Residences

Captivate SCAN and Captivate Residential

Captivate | RESIDENTIAL digital media displays are in high traffic areas, points of entry and communal amenity spaces.

Residents engage with large format display screens, elevator screens and wellness kiosks (learn more) featuring Captivate’s professionally curated content tailored to an at-home audience.