Ideas For Enhancing Tenant Messages with Captivate ScreenCenter™

Ditch the homemade flyers and costly posters – Go Digital! Discover ways your commercial property can use digital signage for successful tenant communication. From building announcements and leasing opportunities to community fitness and building events, easily customize your messaging to suit your property’s needs and build community.

We were so inspired by how our clients are using Captivate ScreenCenter™ & Client Content Window, that we wanted to share their ideas with you! Check out a slick demo video showcasing our tenant communication app and its sleek functionality. Struggling for ideas? We have templates that can be easily customized for your building.

Get creative to engage tenants, build community and loyalty.


Promote Tenant Events

From “ice cream socials” to “food truck Fridays” there’s a wealth of ideas to bring tenants together and cultivate a sense of community. Strategic promotion of property events can propel you towards your property management objectives. Incorporating a QR code ensures swift and hassle-free RSVPs for events while they’re at the forefront of tenants’ minds.


Building Updates

Position your digital display strategically in common areas to maximize visibility. Given the busy schedules of your tenants, important emails or notifications can easily slip through the cracks. Guarantee that tenants stay informed about updates and protocols by utilizing digital displays. Seamlessly integrate your message with an ever-present Custom Content Window, complete with a tailored QR code for tenants to easily access and download your building’s app.


Maintenance Alerts

Efficient communication regarding maintenance updates and issues is paramount for property management. Digital signage emerges as the ideal tool for promptly disseminating unexpected maintenance matters as they arise. Additionally, it serves as an effective means of informing tenants about upcoming improvement projects, ensuring they remain informed and prepared for any potential disruptions to their routine.

SC Holiday

Holiday Messaging to Tenants

An acknowledgment of holidays throughout the year is consistently valued when showcased on digital displays. Keeping it straightforward with a clean design and a concise greeting is invariably a wise decision. Additionally, if you have a holiday event scheduled, be sure to incorporate it into your message to optimize attendance.


Welcome Tenant Messaging

Welcome your tenants into the building with messaging that you can seamlessly display through our property management software. This serves as an excellent opportunity to strengthen your brand presence, showcase top tier amenities and foster meaningful connections with property management.


Fitness & Wellness Updates

The office space is more than a just place to you work on projects and schedule meetings. Keep your building competitive with Health and Wellness programming, and promote it with digital display signage.


Security Alerts

Concerned that your tenants may have overlooked your email regarding the fire drill? Safety concerns and emergencies can arise unexpectedly – ensure your tenants are informed by alerting them through digital signage displays. In the rare instances when needed, your team can override content to communicate safety and security protocols on your digital screen with emergency alert messaging within seconds.


Inspirational Messaging

A single inspirational quote has the power to positively impact someone’s day. Easily accessible and simple to design, incorporating inspirational quotes into your property message mix can inject personality, creativity, and uplift the spirits of both tenants and visitors alike.

Rental Space 2

Incremental Revenue

Showcase rentable spaces in your property like auditoriums for company town halls and event rooms for team parties drive incremental revenue. Highlight the beautiful spaces you offer tenants to impress their clients and make hosting a breeze with a turnkey, on site amenity.   

ev cre

EV Charging Amenity

Keep tenants informed of all the amenities found in and outside of your building. Add a QR code to drive tenants to a booking calendar to control flow of traffic in the garage area.

Drive5 1

Philanthropic Initiatives

Use Captivate digital signage screens to support your philanthropic initiatives and offer your tenants a chance to participate in a good cause. Choose a charity which has seasonal drives, setup a time and location, and announce details on screen.

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