Support Local Businesses with Captivate’s Residential Digital Signage Displays

“House or location?” is a common hypothetical thrown around at dinner parties, and residents of high-rise condos and apartment buildings often choose the latter.

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Residential digital signage displays give local businesses access to consumers while helping residents explore, discover, and shop local.

People who choose to live in multifamily buildings opt for the location, a place close to the office and within walking distance of a coffee shop, grocer, or restaurant; a bustling urban neighborhood with unique character defined by local businesses. Unfortunately for many small businesses still struggling due to the pandemic’s lingering effects, neighborhood character has suffered in many urban environments.

Residential Digital Signage Can Boost Neighborhood Businesses and Build Community

While most local businesses have some web and social media presence, they can be hard to find. Most mom-and-pop shops rely on foot traffic and word of mouth to grow consumer awareness.  With business lagging, residential digital signage displays can give local businesses a much needed boost in consumer awareness while at the same time helping residents explore, discover, and shop local.  

How Can Multifamily Buildings Help Advertise Local Businesses? A Step-by-Step Guide

Acquire the Perfect Multifamily Amenity – a Digital Signage Display

Order a Smart TV through Captivate.  Captivate offers news, weather, transit, business and sports updates, current events, and lifestyle information delivered in a curated feed, and most importantly, serves as a valuable resident communication tool for your residents.  We are the leading multifamily content management system on the market. Your building might even qualify for a complimentary screen!  If you already have a digital display screen, opt for our Captivate | GO plug-in, which turns any screen into a Captivate Screen.

Check out Captivate Create

Once you have purchased a Captivate Smart TV, your building is automatically loaded into our database, Captivate Create. Any small business can then go to Captivate Create for Local Advertisers, choose a building to advertise in and schedule their own ad.

Let Local Businesses – And Your Residents – Know!

Once you have your multifamily digital signage display, visit your local businesses, let them know about Captivate Create, and invite them to showcase their product or service to your residents. You can also send them an email or a letter.  We have a template here.

Your residents have chosen your building for the neighborhood. Supporting local business builds stronger neighborhood ties and fosters a stronger sense of community.  

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