Unlock Video Strategy Success: Explore Our Turnkey Extension Beyond TV

Your clients depend on your ability to build plans that capture the attention of their target audiences where and when their messages have the most impact. Although market analysts are anticipating an 8% spending increase in 2024, it’s clear that linear and “older” digital advertising methods are less effective than they once were. Advertisers are constantly seeking targeted, measurable channels to supplement plans and strategically diversify to deliver a favorable ROI.

The ability to connect with consumers on the media channels they engage with most often increases brand awareness, builds positive associations, and generates sales. If you’re looking for a cost-effective media channel to unlock the success of your video strategy, make sure digital out-of-home (DOOH) is part of your media mix.  

Our turnkey solution extends your reach beyond TV to 100% viewable, fraud-free digital screens installed in the elevators and high-traffic common areas of Class A office towers and luxury residential communities in top DMAs.

Why Agencies Are Supplementing Their TV Marketing Strategies with Our Turnkey Extension

Every media channel has a unique set of obstacles to overcome, some more than others. Consider your experiences with internet advertising, for example. It’s relatively inexpensive, but only 4 of every 100 impressions hold viewer attention long enough to have an impact. Over the years, you’ve also had to overcome the demise of third-party cookies, declining interest in print media, the rise of ad-blocking software, and the popularity of ad-free streaming services.  

Through it all, television remains one of the most impactful media channels available. But as technology continues to evolve, the viewing habits of target audiences have changed dramatically. The average family now owns at least ten internet-capable devices. Researchers estimate that households with internet connectivity subscribe to multiple streaming services, with a national average of 6.8 subscriptions. 

With viewing audiences divided across multiple channels and the advantages of refined targeting parameters compromised by walled gardens, siloed inventories, and ad-free subscription services, it’s increasingly difficult for advertisers to plan and execute an efficient, effective TV strategy.

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Instead of trying to compensate for the potentially detrimental impact of audience fragmentation by allocating more resources to television, advertisers are safeguarding their ROI and unlocking success by supplementing their current strategies with alternatives—like our network of digital screens. It’s an efficient and effective solution that combines the advantages of highly targeted digital ad placement, out-of-home advertising, and broadcasting to specific audiences alongside content viewers enjoy watching.

How Our Turnkey Extension Unlocks the Success of Video Marketing Strategies

Advertisers partnering with our network have the advantage of purchasing impressions in locations that make the most sense for the brands they represent on screens that generate three billion monthly impressions. Our network supports video marketing strategies by providing unparalleled access to high-income earners and affluent decision-makers where and when they’re receptive and have time to engage.

With the right network partner, you’re essentially buying the attention of viewers with considerable discretionary income willing to pay more for products and services that align with their values and make their lives easier or more enjoyable. 

These screens influence the purchasing decisions of some of today’s most elusive audiences as they’re heading out the door for their morning commute, catching up on headlines between floors, or making their way home primed for an evening of online shopping—a reach that surpasses network television, streaming services, and scripted programming for delivering core TV demographics like A18-34 and A25-54.

That said, we do a lot more than bring generic impression reach to the equation. Of the many compelling reasons to consider partnering with our media network, here are six advantages that many agencies consider the most impactful.

Advantage #1: Our Expert Content Curation  

Broadcasting your ad creatives on office or residential advertising screens won’t have the impact you’re looking for without the right programming. Viewers are unlikely to pay attention long enough to increase brand awareness or build positive associations. But we don’t display the ads on our network alongside a dull RSS feed or uninspired playlist. In fact, our turnkey solution is more similar to television advertising than you might expect.

We’ve partnered with more than 100 reputable content providers to ensure brand ads reach key audiences alongside an expertly curated, contextually relevant programming mix viewers appreciate and enjoy watching—a bite-sized rotation of global and local news reports, uplifting stories, health information, real-time weather reports, business news, sports scores, and more. Not only do viewers value this programming, but they come to rely on it for showing them quick, up-to-date information as they’re coming and going. 

Advantage #2: Our Brand-Safe Viewing Environment

Ad creatives associated with television programming that could be considered inflammatory, audience-inappropriate, or in conflict with core brand values can be detrimental to ad agency clients. Even an unintended association with a tragic news story or controversial prime-time plotline can have negative repercussions that sway consumer perceptions for years.

Our contextually relevant, expertly curated content is displayed in a brand-safe digital environment. Agencies advertising on our screens have the peace of mind that comes with knowing our editorial staff works tirelessly across multiple time zones to keep our programming mix timely, audience-relevant, and controversy-free.

Advantage #3: Custom Collaborations & Brand Solutions

Consumers generally trust television advertising more than any other media channel. But the cost can make it difficult for many organizations to compete with the largest brands. CTV advertising is exceedingly targeted and measurable but does not offer the level of custom brand solutions and contextually relevant alignments we can. 

Our network of screens gives you unrivaled access to a captive audience, people who won’t be waiting for (and hitting) “skip” to get back to their stream. Our network airs brand ads alongside the content viewers value.

We can also work with you to amplify the impact of your current video strategy with custom brand alignments, the power of gamification, weather triggers, and geolocation data. Even a simple QR code directing viewers to product information, special offers, surveys, and social media content can go a long way toward optimizing engagement opportunities.

Advantage #4: Our Full Screen & Brand Integration Ad Options

As the demand for the fastest-growing segment of the display screen market increases, so does the number of companies offering advertising space on residential screens. But we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to broadcasting on our digital displays. 

Our advertising partners have the option of choosing from several screen formats for motion and static images. Our standard format displays ad creatives for 15 seconds (or 30 seconds with advance discussion) adjacent to our contextually relevant lead-in editorial content.

For brands that may not want to share viewer attention with our programming mix, a full-screen or custom display is the ideal custom option. Our full-screen spots also play for a duration of 15 seconds and take up the maximum space available on the screen. We also offer branded integrations that transform the screen to align with the campaign creative including branded colors, content syncs and more. 

Advantage #5: Our Data-Driven Advertiser Insights

You’ll have access to traditional and programmatic targeting solutions on a channel designed to minimize waste and maximize efficiency. Each of your client’s ads broadcast ONLY in communities that make sense for their brand based on your specific targeting parameters, including median income level, job titles, and geographic location.

As an advertiser on our network, you’ll have access to everything you need to ensure your campaign is precisely targeted and you’ll also have the option of investing in additional services, including campaign effectiveness studies, test control studies, brand trackers, and A/B creative testing, perks that prove we’re all in as a true collaborative partner.

Advantage #6: Our Continuously Expanding Network Reach

Our journey began decades ago when our founders began capturing the attention of captive audiences from elevator screens installed in high-rise office buildings. Over the years, we expanded to become the largest office media network in North America. We recently expanded our reach to include multifamily residential communities, off-campus student housing facilities, and co-working locations in our portfolio.

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Most recently, we’ve partnered with a company offering secure, contactless package delivery and pickup solutions in residential communities, a move that gives our advertisers the ability to connect directly with customers through their delivery service features. As you can see, we bring more than a vast network of residential screens to the mix.

See How Our Turnkey Extension Can Optimize the Impact of Your Video Media Strategy

The digital out-of-home industry is so popular with advertisers, property owners, and tenants that market analysts anticipate a CAGR of more than 18% through 2030. If you’re intrigued by some of the many ways to expand your video strategy to include our office advertising and residential advertising networks to overcome the challenges of television and CTV while optimizing the impact of video media strategies, take a look at some of our screens in action.Captivate is an industry-leading DOOH media network with one of the largest screen footprints. You’ll find Captivate-powered screens in the elevators, lobbies, and high-traffic common areas of premium office buildings and luxury residential communities across 170+ DMAs. When you’re ready to get started with Captivate, submit a contact form. After 25 years in the business, no other digital screen network has more high-value screen locations and audience reach.

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