From TV to Elevator Screens: A Compelling Shift for Advertisers

By Michael Kingston – Head of Global Content, CAPTIVATE

After a nearly two-decade journey in the broadcast television industry, I found myself seeking something new. Throughout those years, I had the privilege of working within the programming departments of some of television’s top and renowned brands. While the experience was truly enriching, I couldn’t ignore the mounting challenges that the industry confronted, including the pandemic’s impact and the surge of streaming competitors. With these factors in mind, I believed it was time to expand my horizons. This led me to the dynamic realm of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising, and more specifically, Captivate. As the driving force behind North America’s largest network of elevator and lobby screens, Captivate captured my attention. 

For me, this transition was a logical step forward. Just as television content entertains and informs viewers—holding their attention—Captivate’s screens similarly engage audiences. Correspondingly, Captivate leverages its network to deliver targeted ads, monetizing the attention these displays command. However, the distinctive factor lies in the audience’s experience. Unlike traditional TV, Captivate’s viewers don’t possess the luxury of changing the channel, switching off the screen, or unsubscribing. This facet proves to be our competitive edge. True to our company’s name, during an elevator ride, our screens monopolize attention, showcasing a steady stream of informative content throughout the day. Although the content format on our screens significantly differs from traditional TV shows, I would argue that the dedicated time spent looking at our screens is just as impactful. 

Ordinarily, September stands as an exhilarating period in the television domain, marking the official commencement of the broadcast season. It’s a time when new shows burst onto the scene, ushering in the Fall season. This year, however, brings unique challenges. The simultaneous impact of the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes has sent shockwaves not just across TV networks but also affecting streaming companies, causing them to grapple with unforeseen disruptions. This isn’t the first time such a scenario has unfolded. In 2007, the Writers Guild of America embarked on a 14-week strike, leaving lasting imprints on production, ratings, and TV schedules. The current strike seems poised to inflict even more pronounced repercussions, as actors join the picket lines alongside writers. While it’s too early to predict the full extent of this upheaval, history suggests that TV networks and streamers will intensify their promotion of new lifestyle and reality content, news, sports, game shows, and old library content. This backdrop compels advertisers—who once enjoyed the reliability of TV in delivering key demographics—to question whether TV can uphold its delivery of consistent ratings amidst these obstacles and pervasive uncertainty. 

Meanwhile, Captivate’s audience continues to flourish, exemplified by over 120% YOY growth in impressions delivered by our office network. Our expansion into 5,400 luxury residential properties further propels this growth trajectory. Bolstered by nearly 21,000 screens generating around 2.5 billion monthly impressions, our reach of 4 million households rivals that of traditional TV. Further direct comparisons show that Captivate more effectively delivers core TV demos of A18-34 and A25-54 as compared to network TV, streaming services and top scripted programming. Importantly, we remain immune to the strike’s impact, empowered to craft tailored advertising solutions precisely aligned with your target audience and demographic preferences. With advanced targeting solutions, opportunities for contextually relevant content alignments and a competitive pricing structure, the rationale for pivoting your digital strategy to achieve campaign delivery goals by including our network is unequivocal. 

In a landscape of evolving media consumption habits and industry challenges, the shift from traditional TV to the new world of Captivate represents a strategic leap for advertisers. Our screens seize moments that draw in attention without the luxury of channel surfing, delivering a captive audience that is ready to engage with your message. As the TV industry navigates disruptions, Captivate’s resilient growth continues, poised to provide you with unmatched reach and customization. Join us in embracing the future of advertising, where every elevator ride and each moment spent before our screens becomes a valuable opportunity to connect with your audience! 

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