Navigating Media Strikes: Why Captivate is the Key to Advertising Campaign Success

September 21 marked day 142 of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Although one of the most recent talks between the WGA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) lasted more than ten hours, it appears unlikely an agreement is on the horizon at any time soon. That’s not great news for advertisers.

With the release of most major network programming delayed indefinitely, agencies are understandably uncertain about whether their ad campaigns will deliver as planned. There’s little chance that television advertising will achieve the same number of impressions as in previous years. Instead, media planners are reallocating their budgets, investigating their options, and investing in efficient and high-quality alternate channels.

For advertisers looking for a cost-effective media channel to supplement their TV/CTV marketing strategies, Captivate is the ideal solution. When you add our network of digital screens to your media plan, your ad creatives are delivered on screens that reach the same sought-after audience demos as TV with strong reach to 4 million households and generating nearly 2.5 billion impressions monthly. Our viewership is consistent, our reputation impeccable, and the audience who enjoy watching our screens are ready to engage with your message.

Why Agencies Choose Captivate Screens to Diversify Their Media Plan

At Captivate, we invest in ad agency success by bringing unrivaled access to high-value audiences with contextually relevant advertising. When agencies partner with our team, their ad creatives are displayed on our massive network of digital screens installed in the elevators and common areas of upscale residential communities and premier office towers across North America.

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For property managers, our screens are a preferred amenity—ideal for displaying their messages, alerts, and community-building engagement opportunities. Our screens get the attention of viewers. What does this mean for ad agencies? 

For advertisers, Captivate screens provide ample opportunity to influence the purchasing decisions of these notoriously hard-to-reach target audiences at multiple points throughout the day: when they’re heading out the door for their morning commute, stepping out for lunch, or making their way home primed for a quiet evening of online shopping.

Why Advertisers Choose Captivate Screens for Unrivaled Access to Core TV Demographics

Captivate offers advanced targeting solutions and programmatic buying options to ensure those ads are placed ONLY on screens that reach each brand’s target audience. We provide unrivaled access to the people most likely to purchase specific products and services to help you deliver impressive results for your clients. That’s just what we do.

Advertisers working with our experienced, knowledgeable team have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that Captivate viewership isn’t impacted by television ratings, the media consumption habits of their target audiences, or ongoing labor disputes. Video advertising on Captivate is always 100% viewable with a 100% ad completion rate and fraud free.

Our turnkey video solution is as effective as television advertising, more efficiently delivering core TV demographics of A18-34 and A25-54 than most television, streaming, and scripted programming. Plus, we provide unparalleled access to increasingly elusive high-income earners with considerable spending power in close proximity to purchase along their consumer journey which elevates the impact of advertising messages.

How Captivate Screens Deliver Results for Brands    

A quick internet search will lead you to a multitude of digital out-of-home companies. But they’re not all the same. When you add Captivate network screens to your media plan, you’re targeting your client’s target audience in high quality, brand-safe environments. Their ads are displayed in prime locations where their target audience is most available and open to persuasion, a luxury not often found on other digital channels.

Take internet advertising, for example. The average internet user spends about 7 hours each day engaged with the screens of their PCs, tablets, and phones. During that time, they’re seeing up to 10,000 impressions per day, with only about 4 out of every 100 getting more than a glance

It’s not that the ads aren’t targeted or poorly timed—it’s that people are busy. Their minds are elsewhere. Unless they’re seeing an ad for a product or service that aligns with their values or most immediate needs, they’re not going to pay attention.

Ads on Captivate screens are far less likely to be ignored. We capture (and retain) viewer attention by displaying ads alongside professionally curated content obtained through our partnership with more than 100 world-class providers. 

On every Captivate screen, you’ll find contextually relevant programming viewers appreciate and enjoy watching, including a bite-sized mix of global, national, and entertainment news, sports scores, health and lifestyle tips, weather updates, and much more. In that respect, our screens deliver an experience that’s a lot like television—but without the channel surfing.

How Captivate Helps Advertisers Increase the Return on Their Investment

The digital out-of-home market is so popular with advertisers, that market analysts anticipate a CAGR of more than 18% through 2030. 

But if you’ve spent any amount of time investigating office advertising or residential advertising, you’ve undoubtedly found that most network providers manage a limited number of screens. Not only do they not have a very large reach, but their “programming” is most often limited to local ads, traffic updates, or uninspired playlists. They may not be quality environments that reflect your brand’s prestige or provide the tools you need to monitor ad performance or calculate the return on your investment.  

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When you add Captivate screens to your digital toolbox, you’ll have the ability to leverage traditional and programmatic targeting solutions to ensure you’re making the best use of your budget for every client, meaning less waste and greater efficiency. 

We also provide measurement and attribution tools you need to track and monitor ad performance. In addition, our research team offers the option of investing in additional services that provide access to campaign effectiveness studies, brand trackers, A/B creative testing, and test control studies. Here’s a look at some ways we provide exceptional value and service to our advertising partners.

A Brand Safe Viewing Environment

Ad creatives associated with programming that could be considered inflammatory, factually questionable, inappropriate, or in conflict with core brand values can be detrimental to ad agencies and their clients. Even an unintended association with a tragic news story can have negative repercussions that impact consumer perception. 

Agencies advertising on Captivate screens have the peace of mind that comes with knowing the programming on every screen is curated by an experienced editorial staff working across multiple time zones to keep the content fresh, audience-relevant, and controversy-free.

Custom Collaborations and Brand Solutions

When a network provider offers customized brand alignments and other expertly tailored solutions, you’ll have everything you need to continue delivering the level of creativity and innovation your clients have grown to expect. 

When you partner with Captivate, our experienced team can work with you to achieve your client’s goals, whether they want their screens powered by gamification and weather triggers or enhanced through geolocation data. Even a simple QR code effectively increases consumer engagement when used to direct viewers to product information, special offers, surveys, or contests on social media.  

Full-Screen Brand Integration

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to advertising or display screens. Captivate advertisers have several screen format options to choose from for their motion or static images. 

Our standard 15-second (or 30-second with advance discussion) brand-safe format plays ad creatives adjacent to our lead-in editorial content. Our full-screen spots also play for a duration of 15 seconds and take up the maximum space available on the screen. In locations set up for the effect, advertisers can supercharge the impact of their Captivate screens by aligning the visual aspect of their ad on one screen and the editorial components on another.

Captivate: The Alternative You Need to Deliver Core TV Demographics

With so many advertisers and their clients lamenting the lackluster ROI of TV and CTV ad placement because of the months-long disruptions in the entertainment industry, savvy agencies are recalculating their approach. Rather than delaying the launch of their ad campaigns until current disputes are resolved and programming back on schedule, they’re reallocating their budgets in hopes of offsetting the impact of declining viewership.

For agencies looking for a creative, cost-effective way to reach core TV demographics, Captivate screens are the ideal solution. Our growing network of digital screens installed in the elevators and high-traffic common areas of upscale residential communities and offices outperform network television and streaming services for delivering core TV demographics.No other digital screen network has more quality screen locations and high-value audience reach. An impressive 92% of survey respondents find Captivate-powered screens informative, and 83% would be disappointed if the service was no longer available. It’s time to get your ad creatives in front of this audience. To see Captivate screens in action on elevator and lobby displays in premier locations across the US and Canada, visit us online to view our network live feed. When you’re ready to get started, submit a contact form.

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