How to Amplify Your Brand’s Influence with Residential Network Advertising

Increasing awareness and amplifying a brand’s influence requires getting their ads in front of the right people at the right time across multiple channels. Of course, you do everything you can to ensure the brands you represent benefit from your well-calculated diversification. But as you’re evaluating the impact of your television strategy, you’ve likely noticed a rather concerning trend—and you’re not alone. Marketers nationwide are lamenting the lackluster impact of their TV and CTV ad placement.

Although television may not be currently delivering the number of impressions advertisers have grown to expect, indoor screens displaying programming to niche audiences in premium spaces continue to reach upscale audiences with considerable spending power. If you’re looking for a cost-effective channel capable of amplifying brand influence by taking your TV/CTV media plan to the next level, consider adding the power of residential network advertising to your marketing campaigns.

Why Marketers Are Adding Residential Network Advertising to Their Media Plans

The concept of residential network advertising is relatively simple and highly effective. Agencies work with network providers or programmatic partners to activate on video display screens installed in apartment buildings and condominiums. It’s an arrangement that combines the advantages of highly targeted digital ad placement, traditional out-of-home advertising, and timely ad placement to reach a specific target audience.

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With today’s embrace of the hybrid workweek, people living in residential communities are coming and going all day long. For residents, the display screens installed in their lobbies, elevators, package pick-up centers, and other high-traffic common areas are a valued source of information and entertainment. 

Placing ads on screens in premium residential locations ensures multiple opportunities throughout the day to influence the purchasing decisions of high-income earners as they’re heading out the door for their morning commute, going shopping, running errands , or returning home primed for a quiet evening of online shopping.

How Residential Network Advertising Helps Amplify Brand Influence

Nearly every media channel has a unique set of benefits—as well as obstacles to overcome. Take internet advertising, for example. While known for being cost-effective, most adults are exposed to as many as 10,000 ads a day. Only 4 out of every 100 impressions get more than a single second of viewer attention. Recent polls suggest a high percentage of internet users scroll right past sponsored search results. Of the alarmingly few online ads that targeted audiences actually engage with, most are forgotten.

Television advertising, on the other hand, is less likely to be overlooked (or ignored). But many B2C clients don’t have the resources to purchase prime time slots. For those that do, it takes quite a boost in sales to ensure a favorable return on their investment. In addition, targeting limitations can make it difficult to reach niche audiences. With that being said, many companies invest in television ads for the sole purpose of amplifying their reach to drive top of funnel awareness.

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Residential network advertising is cost-effective. With the right partner, you’re buying the attention of high-income earners with considerable discretionary income—willing to pay more for products and services that align with their values and make their lives easier or more enjoyable. When displayed on modern screens alongside desirable content and in premium locations, your ad creatives are positioned to influence high-value purchasing decisions, and drive consumers further down the purchase funnel due to the proximity to purchase.

What to Look for When Choosing a Residential Network Advertising Partner

As advertisers continue to compete for consumer attention, digital ad spend is expected to increase by over 11% in 2023. But despite the cost-effective nature of digital advertising, television remains one of the most popular advertising channels worldwide. It accounts for approximately 20% of total media ad revenue in the US. The indoor segment of the display screen market is so popular with advertisers, property owners, and viewers that analysts anticipate a CAGR of more than 18% through 2030.

As demand for the fastest-growing segment of the display screen market increases, so does the number of companies offering advertising space in apartments and condominiums. But for the sake of your clients and the success of your campaigns, it’s crucial to weigh your options carefully. There are plenty of companies that make it relatively easy to upload your client’s ad creatives and refine your targeting parameters, but they don’t all offer the same level of service or a network of screens in the type of residential communities that appeal to affluent consumers.

Before trusting any provider offering services that impact your clients and the success of your business, it’s important to know exactly what they bring to the table. Once you’ve narrowed your options to companies with a significant network of screens in premium residential locations, evaluate the type of partner that organization will be with the following criteria.

Location-Specific Targeting 

When you add residential network advertising into your media mix to help amplify brand influence, you don’t want to squander limited resources by paying for screen time in buildings that don’t reach your client’s target audience. With the right network provider, you’ll be able to fine-tune your campaign parameters to target venues based on a range of geographic and demographic planning parameters.  

Agency clients marketing products and services that appeal to affluent professional audiences tend to achieve the best return on their investment with ad placement segmented by highly refined targeting parameters and contextually relevant placements that elevate impact. 

Content Curation  

Partnering with a service provider streaming a dull display of unrelated ads in rotation or uninspired programming of generic RSS feeds is unlikely to have the impact you need for your clients. When you’re advertising in residential communities, your clients’ ads should be showcased in a way that elevates the viewer experience while maximizing brand engagement. A positive viewing experience helps promote favorable brand associations. 

The brands enlisting your services will have more influence over purchasing decisions when you partner with a network provider offering a contextually relevant programming mix that engages your target audience—professionally curated, interesting content developed by an experienced staff—such as a bite-sized rotation of global and local news reports, uplifting stories, health information, real-time weather reports, and more.

Data-Driven Insights

The best network advertising partners offer more than an impressive programming mix. When your goal is to target audiences and environments relevant to your client’s campaign goals , you’ll want confirmation that your targeting is on point. 

With the right service provider, you’ll have an impressive assortment of tools designed to track and monitor overall ad performance, fine-tune your targeting parameters as needed, and measure campaign results and ultimately the return on your advertising spend. Although less common, some companies also offer the option of investing in campaign effectiveness studies, brand trackers, A/B creative testing, and test control studies.   

Brand Safety

Ad campaigns displayed alongside programming that could be considered inflammatory, factually questionable, or inappropriate for a screen’s location could negatively affect a brand’s reputation for years. Even unfortunate placement alongside a tragic news story can have lingering repercussions. 

As you compare network providers, take a few minutes to confirm you’ll be working with a company that maintains a brand-safe viewing experience by providing a controversy-free programming mix with content from reputable, world-class content providers that viewers know and respect.  

Collaboration Services

While comparing screen locations, network size, and impression delivery, take a few minutes to also consider any additional partnership benefits you will have at your disposal—collaboration services, for example. Some of the most impactful ads displayed in residential communities are the result of customized brand alignments. They can be as involved as custom content alignments or as turnkey as data-triggered creative and more.  

Gamification and the ability to embed ad creatives with QR codes are also a plus. It’s a simple feature that encourages interaction with your ads by providing immediate access to product information, special offers, contests, surveys, or live representatives. Industry experts predict that almost 100 million smartphone users will be scanning QR codes by 2025.

Could Adding Residential Network Advertising to Your Media Mix Amplify Your Brand’s Influence?

Ads featured on display screens installed in the lobbies, elevators, cafes, and other high-traffic common areas of premium residential communities influence the purchasing decisions of affluent consumers multiple times each day. But not all network providers offer the same service. When you’re ready to learn more about the advantages of investing in one of the most cost-effective channels, reaching some of today’s most elusive niche audiences with considerable spending power, visit Captivate.

Captivate is an industry-leading media network with screens in premium residential communities across 37 active markets. When you partner with our experienced team, your ad creatives are displayed alongside an expertly curated programming mix optimized to provide a favorable viewing experience that amplifies brand influence. If you’d like to learn more, submit a contact form today.

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