Digital Office Advertising and The Power of Innovative Partnerships

Today’s most successful advertisers are capturing the attention of the audience most likely to purchase the products and services of their B2B and B2C clients, and they’re doing it through the power of collaboration. It has long been a challenge to build a media strategy that strikes the precise mix of more conventional media channels with the multitude of new, emerging channels. 

The process of testing, learning and pinpointing the most effective, trusted partners can be tedious, but when you find a partner with years of experience and measurable results to back it up, digital office advertising is a winner. 

While you’re sure to find multiple companies with the ability to upload your ad creatives to digital screens, the best network providers also offer a diverse range of creative solutions that help ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of your media strategy. Once you know how office advertising influences the purchasing decisions of some of today’s most elusive consumers, you may want to consider the advantages of leveraging an innovative partnership of your own.

The Advantages of Using Office Advertising to Diversify Your Media Strategy  

When you’re tasked with bolstering brand recognition, generating leads, and driving sales, it’s essential to get your ad campaign seen by the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Although market analysts anticipate another 8% spending increase in 2024, many advertisers find that “older” digital channels are producing inconsistent results. 

In response, they’re reallocating their budgets and casting a wider net to ensure their ability to offset the decreased performance in one media channel with the more favorable returns of another.   

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Agencies are investing in digital office advertising because it’s a targeted, efficient and effective media channel capable of merging the advantages of television, internet, and conventional out-of-home ad placement while remaining unaffected by scrolling habits, ad-blocking software, or fragmented television viewership.

Top-tier network providers with screens in premier, Class A office towers in top DMAs help their agency partners impact the purchasing decisions of notoriously hard-to-reach consumers by broadcasting their ads alongside curated programming the audience enjoys, values, and looks to for current information. 

These screens are viewed multiple times throughout the day—as decision makers come and go. According to the data compiled by NBC Universal, advertisers need to hold viewer attention for a minimum of 2.5 seconds to leave a lasting impression, and contextually relevant programming is key to effectively capturing this attention. 

How Top-Tier Media Network Partners Help Agencies Create Memorable Moments

There’s also a lot to be said for impression proximity. With digital office advertising, your B2B clients have the advantage of influencing the purchasing decisions of business problem-solvers from screens installed in elevators, lobbies, waiting rooms, and other high-traffic common areas when their target audience is less likely to be distracted and more willing to engage. 

Your B2C clients have the advantage of marketing their products and services to the same consumers: people with considerable discretionary income, willing to spend more for products and services that make their lives easier and their free time more enjoyable.  

As you’re vetting companies capable of broadcasting your ad creatives in office buildings, consider your options carefully. Top-tier media partners should do a lot more than provide a network of display screens. With the right editorial team support, you’ll have a diverse range of services at your disposal to help ensure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

The Advanced Targeting of Key Demographics

With the growing importance of attention metrics and focus on the quality of impressions delivered, advertisers are seeking contextually relevant placements to ensure they’re not simply reaching but engaging their target audience. As you’re comparing the services of companies offering advertising space in office buildings, you’ll find that the best partners do not serve ads alongside generic RSS feeds and uninspired playlists—instead, they curate a mix tailored to the venue type and audience’s preferences—just what advertisers need for optimal engagement. 

In addition, most manage a limited number of screens spanning a small geographic area. The network providers competing for your attention may or may not have the ability to leverage the advanced targeting capabilities of programmatic ad placement.

The best advertising partners provide everything you need to tap into an expansive network of digital screens installed in only the most premium commercial properties in top DMAs. They will partner with you to build a plan that ensures ad placement ONLY on screens in locations that make the most sense for your clients based on finely-tuned targeting parameters, including a range of options such as demographics, company size, job titles, geographic location, corporate revenue, time of day, and day of the week.

Custom Content Alignment & Sponsorships

Custom content alignment takes the concept of contextual advertising to new heights. With the right network partner, you’ll have the option of working collaboratively with an experienced editorial team to create a custom content series that maximizes brand awareness and ad recall by consistently reinforcing brand identity. You can also execute turnkey content alignments, syncing brand ads with content categories that connect with a brand message and are of particular interest to a brand’s target audience. 

Together, you’ll collaborate on a marketing strategy shown to boost brand awareness by as much as 52% and ad recall by as much as 48%. Viewers tend to find this type of alignment more meaningful and relevant.  

Content sponsorships provide similar benefits for B2B and B2C clients but in a different way. Brand-sponsored content optimizes the effectiveness of ad placement by creating positive associations—for example, ads for financial services displayed alongside stock market reports, software companies sponsoring business news, and area coffee shops aligning with lifestyle content.

Creative Content Collaborations

When a network provider offers customized brand alignments and other expertly tailored solutions, you’ll have everything you need to continue delivering the level of creativity your clients expect while expanding their reach into previously untapped markets. You’ll also have the ability to make the best use of an impressive list of innovative features and functions, including weather triggers, gamification, and geo-location data.

For the small business owners and entrepreneurs on your client list, even a simple QR code directing viewers to product information, special offers, surveys, or engagement opportunities on social media can have a significant impact on brand perception. You can also leverage expertly created content spotlights that align a brand message with specific causes, such as screens supporting women in business displayed alongside small business content. 

Full-Screen Brand Integrations

As you envision your client’s ads displayed on office screens installed in elevators and common areas, consider how limiting it could be if your network partner displayed every ad in the same format. Your agency must ensure that the brands you represent can stand apart from the crowd.  

As you’re comparing media network providers, consider whether you’ll have the option of uploading motion or static images in a brand-safe environment. Consider the many advantages of full-screen brand integrations, as well. The overall impact is striking. A lead-in screen displays a motion or static image for several seconds, then transitions to a dual-screen display with your client’s logo and editorial content on an adjacent screen. It’s a strategy that creates a seamless, immersive, memorable viewing experience.

Seamless Native Advertising

Native advertising engages your client’s target audience by integrating their message onto screens that fit seamlessly into the digital environment. Again, the goal is to provide valuable content relevant to viewers in a way that builds positive brand associations. It’s a strategy that requires matching the tone and general style of your client’s ad creatives to the non-advertising content displayed on the screen.

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With an experienced editorial team in your corner, the digital screens installed in the right office buildings provide more opportunities for native advertising than you might expect.  

Digital Office Advertising: The Key to Optimizing Your Media Strategy  

The best in-office advertising captures the attention of C-suite decision-makers, office administrators, and influential business professionals with considerable discretionary income. When you partner with a company offering a vast network of screens installed in the elevators and common areas in premium office spaces, your ad creatives influence the purchasing decisions of elusive high-value consumers as they’re making their way to their offices, stepping out for lunch, returning from meetings, and heading home at the end of their workday primed for an evening of online shopping.  

These network providers bring a lot more than a fleet of digital screens to the equation. Your ad creatives are displayed alongside expertly curated, contextually relevant content, a bite-sized programming mix of business news, the latest headlines, stock market reports, real-time weather updates, local transit data, and more. You should also have the option of investing in custom collaborations, numerous integrations, campaign effectiveness studies, creative testing, and brand trackers.To get your client’s ads broadcasted on digital screens in premium office spaces and co-working locations in your choice of 44 DMAs, visit Captivate online to schedule a consultation. While you’re there, you’ll be able to watch Captivate-powered screens in action and learn more about the advantages of impacting the purchasing decisions of high-value consumers where and when they happen. Let’s get started!

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