Live Global & Local Content

Captivate Editorial team curates a mix of relevant, timely content from the most trusted media sources that is meaningful to professionals on-the-go and keeps them connected to the world outside their office and enhance their sense of work-life balance.

Viewer Generated Content

Tenants become actively engaged with Captivate via viewer-generated content features.  A recurring feature & fan favorite is ‘View From Your Office’ which has generated thousands of tenant-submitted photos of sweeping views and on-site amenities your buildings provide.

Viewer Submitted Content

Tenants Look to Captivate Content To Bring Life To Work


The only service provider in the industry to invest in research to monitor
and improve viewer experience.

The industry leader – surveys buildings on a regular basis, verifying viewership, building traffic, amount of time screens are viewed and impressions watched.

Office Pulse proprietary research ensures appropriate mix of content suited to building demographics ensures content is timely, relevant and readable.