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Fundamentally change your tenant’s experience through meaningful, relevant and appropriate content

Our Process

Content Partners

Captivate Editorial team partners with the world’s leading providers to source content that fuels a diverse and engaging programming mix

Editorial Team

Each story is hand selected and edited to ensure it is timely, relevant and meaningful to modern on-the-go professionals

Content Delivery

Watched by tenants throughout the workday on digital signage displays in elevators, lobbies and offices of premier CRE buildings

“Our tenants love Captivate and it is a great conversation starter while riding the elevator”

- Boston Properties

“Tenants love Captivate and it helps keep everyone informed of building events and worldwide news”


“Everyone looks at the screens, it’s almost an automatic reflex when you get in to see the weather, sports, etc”

- Transwestern

Programming Mix

Why Choose Captivate?

97% of tenants watch Captivate screens in their elevators daily
92% of Property Managers would recommend Captivate to other building owners/managers
88% of Property Managers enjoy Captivate Content
84% of tenants agree that Captivate alleviates awkwardness, boredom, or deadtime in elevators
78% of tenants would be disappointed if Captivate were removed

Multiple Levels of News



Building Specific


The only service provider in the industry to invest in research to monitor
and improve the viewer experience.

The industry leader – surveys buildings on a regular basis, verifying viewership, building traffic, amount of time screens are viewed and impressions watched.

Vision Critical research ensures appropriate mix of content suited to building demographics ensures content is timely, relevant and readable.

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Elevator Display

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