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Millennial Trends | What Makes a High Rise Building a Home?

Millennial Trends | What Makes a High Rise Building a Home?

February 17, 2022 | By Allie Maltz

We asked millennial business professionals why they chose to live in luxury high rise buildings, and what their experiences have been.

High rises in large cities can sometimes get a reputation for feeling cold and impersonal, but millennial professionals still seek them out for rentals and homeownership. These buildings are often conveniently located in city centers, which is a perk for an office commute, but location alone is not enough to make for a great living arrangement.

We asked a panel of urban millennial professionals what matters to them when choosing to live in a high rise building. Amenities? Security? Sense of community? In other words, what makes a high rise a home?

1. When choosing a building, what were the top 3 things on your “must-have” list?

2. How does your building create community? How important is it for you to know your neighbors?

3. In your opinion, what qualities make for an excellent property manager?

What does this mean?

We’ve summarized the feedback and crafted tips for property and community managers looking to get into the minds of Millennials. Amenities, Community, and Communication are key.

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