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Captivate is Commercial Real Estate’s #1 Digital Media Amenity. Captivate takes tenant satisfaction to new heights by delivering meaningful, engaging information & effective tenant communication through digital screens placed inside elevators and common areas. This Class A, industry-standard amenity redefines the experience tenants have with a property and elevates a building’s status in the market.

We’re constantly upgrading our system to keep up with technology advances in the market. For example, our screens have evolved from LCD screens to a high energy efficient HDMI screens, we revamp the on-screen look regularly to keep viewers engaged and the screens exciting to watch, new content providers are added every year to make sure we deliver the most relevant and informative content possible, and our commitment to developing new hardware and software products for the real estate community is our top priority.

One of the things we do best at Captivate is research and listen to our audience – in fact, we know that over 95% of people watch our screens daily while riding an elevator. We also know that employees watch Captivate screens on average 6 times per day. Not to mention, the elevator is often described as an awkward, anxiety-inducing environment which having Captivate screens helps to immediately alleviate.

Captivate content can be integrated into most third-party screens, with a pre-site survey being required to confirm compatibility. By upgrading your screens with Captivate, you get access to content from our 150+ providers, our ScreenCenter tenant messaging tool, and several other features including traffic updates and Override Messaging.

Captivate pays the up-front equipment costs and provides a stipend for installation. The stipend normally covers 100% of these costs, but a complicated install may require a small cost to the owner.

An individual will ride the elevator an average of 4-6 times a day. Even with a short elevator ride, the information still touches the audience daily with high engagement. Further, Captivate’s Multipurpose screens are perfect for lower-rise and suburban campus properties.

Build a sense of community among tenants • Access to the industry’s most effective tenant communication tool • Provide better overall tenant experience • Help attract and retain desirable tenants • Boost occupancy • Keep your building on-trend with CRE industry changes

In most cases, the Captivate contract is 10 years. With that said, our sales team’s main objective is building a solution specifically for your needs, and we have been offering 7 and 5-year terms more and more often. In the case of a building being sold during an active contract, all we need is an assignment letter to be completed before the new owner takes over.

Content & Features:

The heart of what we do at Captivate is delivering hand curated, best-in-class content from over 100 top media providers selected directly from our in-house editorial staff. Each day, the Captivate editors select an eclectic mix of global, national and local news and information that is constantly updated throughout the day. All content is selected based on the office professional audience profile of our network so that viewers are getting the most relevant, informative content we can produce. For properties that wish to only broadcast business news in their building, Captivate now offers the Business Network of content. Click HERE to view live feeds of Captivate in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and more!

Yes. Captivate offers a variety of options for Custom Branding – corporate logo, color scheme, building name, and even building image can all be incorporated into the screen to take your branding to new heights. Branding is incorporated on the left hand side of our Elevator screens, where the time/temperature section is displayed, and on the right side of our Multipurpose Screens. See examples of branded screens HERE 

There currently are two transit data providers in the Captivate Network: Inrix and Total Traffic.

Yes. Captivate doesn’t just look to satisfy your office occupants. With Captivate Create Local, your retail tenants gain access to a self-service web portal to advertise their businesses directly on-screen in your building. The simple 3-step process is only a click away, check out Captivate Create Local

Yes, Captivate is passionate about building safety, which is why we developed Captivate Override Messaging. Our Override Messaging allows for better building responsiveness with immediate screen takeover by custom messages, either full screen or in the CCW. The message can remain for up to 24 hours, and can be posted from a mobile device.

Yes, Captivate reviews all ad-blocking requests, and will block an ad in your building if it depicts alcohol, if it promotes a tenant’s competitor, or another viable reason.

In Ottawa, Captivate content appears in both French and English. In Montreal, Captivate content appears in French.

Yes! The Captivate Tenant Directory is available on Captivate Multipurpose Displays as a part of the Custom Content Window and can be updated on both mobile and desktop.

Hardware & Installation: 

We offer three types of digital displays – elevators displays, lobby & multipurpose displays, and in-tenant office suite displays. View our different display options HERE.

We guarantee a 100% warranty, and will send technicians to your building to fix and maintain your screens any time there is an issue. Most often, our technicians are aware of a screen outage before you are through our remote diagnostic monitoring system and will be able to analyze and remedy the issue remotely without dispatching a technician to the building. In any instance that a screen has been damaged, a new screen will be installed to replace it. Our Network Operation Center (NOC) monitors all our screens to ensure they are working properly, and our Customer Service Representative is available to assist with training and set up.

Elevator screens are available in 10”, 12” and 15”. Our lobby/multi-purpose/tenant displays are available in 43”, 49” and 55”. We offer screens that can be mounted on top of the elevator cab walls (One-Piece Surface Mounts or Two-Piece Surface Mounts) as well as screens that are mounted behind the cab wall with a window cutout for a seamless, modern integration (Flush Mount). Our lobby & multipurpose screens are all wall mounted with an ultra-thin mount depth of just 3.3”.

No. While our specialized technicians will help you reach a decision, the choice is left to our partners. Captivate offers three network connection options: Wired via travel Cable, Wired via Emergency Phone Line, and Wireless.

Captivate works directly with your elevator technicians and mechanics to develop the best installation plan for your building. Initially, our team will conduct a site survey, determine market compliance and design a work plan for product installation. Captivate’s dedicated installation coordinator assigned to the project will file for permits/variances, manage budget requirements and purchase orders for necessary equipment. The last step would be to perform a connectivity test before the Go-Live announcement, in which the property receives a Welcome Kit and training on your new Captivate system.

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