Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In recognition of Global Diversity Awareness Month, Captivate has launched Drivers of Diversity – an editorial series that gives space to celebrate those who are doing the work on their teams and within their organizations to ensure all feel valued and respected

The series will highlight leaders from prominent brands such as Hyundai, NOVUS, Wet Cement, Havas Media & more.

The series comes as diversity, equity and inclusion remains a top priority among both employees and employers. When asked which DEI initiatives they want most, professionals across the US and Canada were most keen on pay equity (49%), particularly women (52% vs 44% for men), according to a recent Office Pulse study. Analysis of hiring practices (36%) and mentorship programs (33%) were the next-most sought-after initiatives.

 Other facets of Captivate’s Global Diversity Awareness Month coverage include company spotlights, advice for both employees and employers on how to champion DEI in the workplace, and a deep dive on arts & culture brought forth by marginalized groups.  

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