Displays & Hardware Solutions

Custom designed hardware solutions that fit your building’s exact needs transform places of congregation into places of community

Elevator Displays

• HD LED Screens  

•  10″, 12″ & 15″ Available  

•  Flush, 1-Piece & 2-Piece Mounting Options

•  Custom  Frames & Finishes

Large Format Displays

• HDMI LG Monitors

• 43″, 49″ & 55″ Available  

•  Ultra-thin 1.5″ Screen Depth

•  High Energy Efficiency Displays

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Large Format Display


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Elevator Displays

Flush Mount

1-Piece Surface Mount

Large Format Displays

Perfect for Lobbies, Elevator Banks, Tenant Lounges, Front/Security Desks, Common Areas, Technology Centers, Conference Rooms, and more.

Custom Designed

Captivate’s digital signage solutions are custom designed to fit any décor at any stage of a building’s life cycle:

New construction
Repositioning of an asset
Elevator modernization


Captivate manages all aspects of installation.

Worry-free Installation
No initial investment
 Your preferred technicians & electricians
 Wireless technology
 Custom designed to fit any décor

Customer Support

9 out of 10 Property Managers agree Captivate provides exemplary customer support and service.

99% Network Uptime
 100% Warranty

 Dedicated Network Operations Center (NOC)

 ScreenCenter Training & Support

The Happiest Tenants Work In Captivate Buildings

Tenant Satisfaction Increases 40% By Adding Captivate

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