10 Questions to Ask Yourself to Prepare For Peak Leasing Season

Get ahead of the leasing season with these prompts, that will get you thinking about what you need to do to have the most successful leasing season yet:

1. Can prospective residents easily book tours of units?

Tip: Use a calendar booking app, like Calendly, for leads to book tours right into your calendar

By using Calendly you enable leads to schedule tours on their time without delay or need for the back and forth of emails right into your calendar. You can block off when tours are not available, and automate email reminders with customized information.

2. Is your property adequately staffed to handle the increase in leasing traffic?

Tip: Utilize property management staffing agencies

With an influx of activity comes an influx of work. Can your current team handle the workload? If there is potential for certain items to fall through the cracks, consider hiring a property management staffing agency to help fill temporary gaps. Additionally, consider coordinating with nearby sister properties to assist with staffing needs.

3. Are your rates competitive to buildings around you?

Tip: Complete your market surveys early in the week

By doing market surveys early you give your team and marketing department time to create an integrated marketing plan that will help you promote your offers before the typically busy weekend.

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4. Is your curb appeal up to par?

Tip: Invest in landscaping

People look for more than just a unit, they look for a home…and first impressions count!  Beautiful landscaping evokes warmth and equates your building with a serene place to call home. Before they step foot through the doors they’ll know you are committed to providing a well maintained property. 

5. Are you efficiently managing your make-ready apartments?

Tip: Schedule more frequent meetings with your maintenance team

Your make-ready apartments are of utmost importance to maintain. Make sure you are always connected to your maintenance staff, keeping them on task and scheduling outstanding items.

6. Do you have updated content to share on social channels?

Tip: Create videos

The next generation has become accustomed to consuming content via video. They use apps like Tik Tok & Snapchat more often & traditional social channels like Facebook and Instagram less frequently. Get comfortable with these apps & get creative! Make sure you are speaking to them where they are – not where they were. Use drone footage to show off your balconies and outdoor amenities. It is easier than you think.

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7. Are you posting on every internet listing site possible?

Tip: Inquire

Ask friends and family where they look for rentals. New rental sites and apps are always popping up, and trends shift as to where people are finding their next home. Also, make sure you ask prospective residents where they learned of your listing. You can focus efforts on the most effective lead drivers but will also learn about emerging trends or new sites/apps as well.

8. Are you reaching people who don’t follow you on social or receive your emails?

Tip: Digital Signage

By using digital signage you can market vacancies, amenities, and leasing specials to guests of your buildings, without having their contact information or a following on social media. Also make sure you use digital signage – and all of your resident communication channels – to promote renewal incentives. Reward them for helping source leads and supporting your occupancy goals.

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9. Have you released communication around renewals?

Tip: Renewal Party

Paperwork can feel like a drag. Throwing a Renewal Party gives residents a fun and easy way to renew their lease, while having a drink and getting to know their neighbors. Lean on digital signage to remind residents of renewal dates & early signing incentives.

10. Are you effectively communicating with current residents?

Tip: Captivate

The easiest way to maintain occupancy is with renewals, and communication is key to keeping current residents happy. Emails and notifications are often missed, so using digital signage you can rest assured residents are seeing your communication as they enter the building. Use digital signage in creative ways to promote amenities and events, highlight recent improvements to market your hard work and your property to your most valued audience – current residents. Digital signage maintains an ongoing dialog with residents to build community, create connection and increase renewals. Make it fun too – some of our favorite ideas include pet spotlights, a children’s artwork contest & other ideas that generate goodwill.

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