Unlocking Success Through the Power of Residential Digital Advertising

Your clients count on your expertise to build targeted and effective media strategies. Although ensuring your clients’ ads are seen in the right place at the right time is much easier today than in decades past, many still miss the mark. Combining the power of targeted ad placement and residential advertising could be the key to unlocking the success of your next campaign.

In upscale residential buildings nationwide, digital screens are a high-value amenity. For building owners and their residents, the screens help relay information and foster a sense of community. For advertisers, digital screens in premium residential common areas provide ample opportunity to influence the purchasing decisions of increasingly elusive high-value consumers at multiple points throughout the day. When you join forces with the right media partner, your results speak for themselves.

Why Residential Advertising Is the Key to Marketing Success

Ad agencies strive to get their client’s ad creative in front of the people most likely to invest in their products and services with as little waste as possible. It’s no easy task. Although most B2B and B2C consumers spend at least 40% of their time engaged with their laptops, PCs, and phones, only around four ads in every 100 capture viewer attention for longer than one second

Of the relatively few online ads today’s consumers engage with, most are forgotten. With residential advertising on digital screens, that’s far less likely to happen because client ads appear where and when their audience is most likely to be receptive and open to suggestions.

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The concept itself is nothing new. Digital screens have been popping up just about everywhere. But as they say: Location, location, location. With today’s global embrace of the hybrid work week, today’s upscale residential communities are a vibrant hub of activity. 

Advertisers are taking full advantage of the fact that people are coming and going more frequently by placing ads on digital screens to ensure their client’s brands stay top-of-mind with upscale professionals with massive spending power, and high-income earners who not only shop for themselves but are also their household’s primary shopper.

How Targeted Residential Advertising in Benefits Agency Clients

You go to great lengths to ensure each campaign reaches its intended audience. Your efforts are rewarded with impressive click-through rates, an increase in pageviews, and the ever-desirable boost in sales. Achieving that level of success requires knowledge and skill. When too many consumers scroll past your client’s ads or are too busy (or distracted) to engage, everything falls flat.

When you place highly targeted ads on digital screens installed in the elevators, lobbies, fitness centers, package storage locker systems, and other high-traffic common areas in upscale residential communities, you’re essentially buying views in spaces where they’re seen, noticed, and acted on in short order. 

As you consider how your ability to offer this level of brand visibility could impact your agency, think about how many of your clients could also benefit from your ability to connect with receptive audiences with a high level of disposable income, particularly for products and services like these:

Luxury Goods & Specialty Items  

Advertising in upscale residential communities is just as beneficial to brands offering the products influential professionals frequently replenish and update as it is for companies selling automobiles, high-end electronics, and luxury items. 

After all, cosmetics have a limited shelf life, fashion continuously evolves, and people with discretionary income are willing to spend more for products that align with their beliefs, values, and personal goals whether they’re shopping for themselves, purchasing holiday gifts, or getting ready to send the kids back to school.

Convenient Solutions for Working Parents

Working professionals living in premium residential communities are almost always willing to invest in products and services that simplify their lives, especially when those conveniences give them more time to enjoy with their families. That makes digital screens in residential communities ideal for clients across numerous industries, companies offering meal kit subscriptions, organic snacks that appeal to pint-sized palates, family-friendly dining experiences, and more. 

Now consider the impact of getting those time-saving solutions in front of busy parents as they’re making their way through their apartment building lobby after a long day at work, stepping onto their elevators, or mingling with neighbors.

Direct-to-Consumer Products & Services

Residential advertising on digital screens also provides brand visibility for companies offering direct-to-customer products and services. Whether your clients count on your agency to inform the public of the quality and convenience of their meal kit delivery service, let them know about their award-winning mattresses, or showcase a subscription box for their best furry friend, you’ll have everything you need to boost engagement. 

With the right network provider, you can easily embed your client’s ad creatives with scannable bar codes to link community residents to product information, downloadable content, and online appointment scheduling.

Finding the Best Network Provider for Your Agency Clients

In the not-so-distant past, ad agency representatives had to contact multiple publishers to get their client’s ads displayed on digital screens. Today, a quick search will lead you to multiple companies that make it relatively easy to upload your client’s ad creative and define your targeting parameters. 

But they don’t all offer the same type of service or a network of screens in the type of residential communities that attract affluent tenants. Network size and screen locations matter. So does the way your client’s ads are displayed.

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Partnering with a service provider streaming a dull display of unrelated ads in rotation probably won’t provide much value for your clients. Neither will a generic, uninspired programming mix. When you want to capture and retain the attention of affluent professionals living in premium residential communities, you need an experienced media partner with the ability to display highly targeted ads alongside a contextually relevant mix of programming that aligns with the needs and interests of your target audience.

With current polls suggesting viewers are twice as likely to notice in-context ads and 65% of survey respondents saying they’re more willing to purchase from brands with contextually relevant ad placement, there’s no room for compromise. As you refine your search, you’ll also want to consider how various network providers compare in the following areas:

Content Curation

Digital screens elevated to amenity status keep their audiences engaged. That engagement helps ensure your clients’ ads are not only seen—they’re remembered. You’ll get the best return on your investment by partnering with a network provider that places your client’s ads alongside the type of expertly curated content residents respond to, a bite-sized mix of local and national news, health information, travel tips, local weather updates, and real-time transit data. 

Professional editorial teams partner with reputable content providers that high-value tenants in premium residential communities recognize and trust. These networks also offer contextually relevant content alignment capabilities.   

Measurement & Attribution Capabilities

The best media partners add a lot more than a network of screens to your digital toolbox. They have experienced, capable professionals on staff to ensure you have everything you need for optimal ad performance, including creative display options, custom content collaborations, and dynamic ad integrations. 

With the right provider, you could also have access to a wealth of tools designed to help you track and monitor ad performance to help calculate your ROI. When you have the right technology at your fingertips, you’ll have a data set you can use to double down in locations exceeding expectations or alter your course as needed.

Brand Safety

Placing ads alongside a varied programming mix helps ensure an impressive number of views. But even a casual association with content considered inflammatory, factually questionable, or inappropriate could tarnish your client’s brand image. Even an unfortunate placement alongside a tragic news story can have lingering repercussions. 

As you’re comparing your options and weighing alternatives, take a few minutes to ensure you’ll be working with a media partner that prioritizes brand safety by providing a controversy-free programming mix with content from reputable providers.

Could Residential Advertising Be the Key to the Success of Your Next Campaign?

Some of today’s most successful advertisers place highly targeted ads across multiple media channels. Of the many channels open to you, placing ads on a vast network of screens in premium locations is one of the most efficient and effective you’ll find. When you’re ready to expand your ability to influence the purchasing decisions of affluent audiences in luxury residential communities, visit Captivate.

Captivate is an industry-leading media network with one of the largest digital screen footprints available. We specialize in delivering ads to the elevators, lobbies, and common areas of premium office buildings and luxury residential communities across North America. Submit a contact form today to book a demonstration and find out more about our extensive network of digital screens, custom executions, and expertly curated content.

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