Tenant Communication Tips for Commercial Properties

Effective communication is “the number one way to build healthy tenant relationships,” according to Forbes – but commercial property owners face numerous challenges in doing so. Many building managers are still using static print materials to convey messages to people in the building, which makes them dependent on manually creating, installing, and replacing every single sign, whenever the message changes or when they have something new that must be communicated. 

This creates continual manual labor and printing costs, not to mention burdensome logistics issues if there are multiple buildings in the portfolio.

Rather than expend time tracking which ad goes where, when to change it, and committing to the same content for extended periods of time, modern high-rise owners are now turning to dynamic digital displays to modernize their buildings and elevate their tenants’ experience. 

With the right digital signage partner, people in your building receive relevant, engaging, curated content alongside any specific building information and messages you need them to see, at the press of a button. This greater efficiency enables property managers to vastly improve communications – making their tenants feel well-informed, safe, and part of a larger community.

Mutual Aims

Property owners of office and multifamily buildings are always seeking ways to more reliably reach their tenants, and tenant satisfaction is crucial to maintaining high renewal rates. That’s especially true in the luxury high-rise industry, where both property owners and tenants expect top-of-the-line perks.

Digital signage elevates communications, providing greater value for tenants as they wait in elevators or spend quality time in the building’s rec center and other common areas. When tenants get used to regularly catching a quick news story, stock report, maintenance alert, and the daily weather as they pass through common areas, they feel like they’re multitasking and saving time – all while going about their daily business.

The types of curated content that can be shown is virtually unlimited, but most often includes:

  • Property notices & community-boosting messages
  • Stock market updates
  • Weather
  • Advertisements
  • Entertainment news
  • Live news feeds & sports reports

The displays can easily be programmed for maximum attention-grabbing effect, and the right provider will ensure your tenants see content that is relevant and important to them so that they’re always looking to their building’s signage for up-to-date information.

Optimized Lifestyles

Turnkey property messaging systems enable the property management company to accomplish more with less. By publishing a message once from a single network device to all buildings in the portfolio, the property manager can rest assured that their network of digital signage is accurately and efficiently sharing important site information where it belongs most.

It can also reduce customer service needs, as occupants become more aware of the most up-to-date information. During emergencies, it also improves safety – and even for less urgent issues, the ability to assure tenants that their property management is working on issues will drastically cut down on other communications channels. 

This can free up time and expense related to email, phone, or text communication channels, as some of the most common inquiries can be addressed en masse without requiring two-way communications.

The system is continually being improved upon as well, with options such as automated local transit information available. For both greater efficiency and convenience, digital displays are one of the easiest ways to optimize your building experience.

How Property Owners Can Best Utilize Digital Displays

With their own digital display network, property management companies are better equipped to quickly and easily accomplish the most important site-maintenance tasks tenants rely on them for.

Increasing Safety

If people are aware of the logic behind security protocols, they are usually more willing to comply with them. Showing critical building safety info, such as the location of stairwells and security phones, also increases site safety. Reports of suspicious activity can also quickly and easily be disseminated among tenants.

Putting Tenants at Ease 

Keep stress low during emergencies by letting tenants know that building management is aware of the situation and on top of it. Fear levels during actual or perceived emergencies are vastly lower once occupants learn their property management company is aware of the issue and doing everything they can – including actively communicating the situation with tenants.

Saving Time

Reduce repetitive inquiries by posting timely information related to the tenants’ most pressing shared concerns. This will open up time to spend on other vital business operations.

Building Community

Digital signage and engaging content in strategic places throughout a building will not only make it feel modern to the people working and passing through there and keep them well-informed, but it will also build community among tenants. 

What is normally an awkward ride from the 8th floor to the main level, for instance, becomes a moment to chat about the latest news, travel or weather conditions, or sports scores they’re seeing on the elevator screen. These moments build on each other to connect people and make them feel like they’re a part of a larger group, increasing satisfaction with the building itself.

As we’ll discuss next, these benefits are best achieved with a steady stream of engaging content that people care about to raise attention levels on the display screens. A digital media provider can take care of all the day-to-day elements of this modern digital screen solution, making it a win-win for building managers and owners.

Crafting the Property’s Messages in the Most Attractive Way

Property owners who partner with a digital media company can reap the benefits of advanced analytics processes. 

Not only will your tenants see your building as a high-tech, more satisfying place to live, but your messages will be seen and remembered more effectively when sequenced with other highly engaging content. 

For instance, tenants can be informed of an upcoming rooftop pool event, brand new amenities, and due dates for rent – and by weaving your messages alongside other popular content, engagement with the property’s own messages becomes higher.

Perhaps most importantly, all of these advantages can be accomplished from a central console without needing to change physical ads.

Streamlining Digital Display Services

The greatest benefits will come from working with a company specializing in the most streamlined screen management methods. This is necessary to ensure a seamless end-user experience, and it takes the complications that otherwise would arise from learning and managing new technology off of the property owner’s shoulders. For them and their tenants, it’s all benefit – an enormous permanent reduction in communication difficulties and a major uplift in tenant loyalty.

A company specializing in “screen agnostic” solutions can get property owners up and running with their own veritable “TV channel” located in the highest-traffic areas of their properties. People are more likely to engage with the content and find it a valuable addition to their building experience. 

Digital Display Networks Designed for Luxury Real Estate

Real estate companies and building owners enjoy having a partner who can provide streamlined digital content management across their entire portfolio. On the strength of this relationship, digital screen providers save enormous amounts of time that otherwise would be spent continually building relationships with individual properties. 

Being positioned at the intersection between properties and their audiences, the display company can focus on what they do best: providing engaging and always up-to-date digital screen solutions for the mutual benefit of property owners, real estate management companies, and their tenants.

Building owners benefit from providing more modern amenities for their tenants, which can lead to increased renewals and higher occupancy rates. Tenants, whether they be residents or companies, feel they are living or working in modern buildings with management that cares about them, their interests, and their time.

With plug-and-play devices generating content 24/7, property management obtains greater efficiency in tenant communications, boosting their satisfaction at the same time. 

However, it’s a lot of work for them to keep that content relevant and fresh, and they usually don’t have the knowledge or resources to obtain consistent, high-quality content to give their displays the most professional touch. The right digital media partner with an extensive screen network solves this problem.

Captivate Your Audience and Streamline Your Communication

For greater property experiences and engaging with tenants in a way that’s never been possible before, digital screens are taking the premium commercial real estate industry by storm. Since 1997, Captivate has been helping luxury property owners improve communications with their occupants and build community that translates to increased loyalty and revenue and decreased turnover.

Our experience equipping office and multifamily buildings and other high-value properties with modern digital screens and curated content has helped us hone the technology and its use to a fine edge. Contact us today for more information and to begin reaping the benefits of digital screens and relevant content to improve tenant communications and satisfaction levels.

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