How to Optimize Communication with Commercial Digital Signage

The commercial property market is dynamic, complex, and highly competitive. Whether you’re responsible for a single location or an expansive portfolio, the atmosphere you create not only impacts your brand image, it also plays a crucial role in your ability to attract and retain tenants. 

To ensure maximum occupancy, today’s commercial property owners are investing in amenities selected to appeal to diverse populations, create a modern workplace aesthetic, and optimize communication. They’re accomplishing those goals by installing commercial digital signage.  

In premium properties nationwide, property managers use commercial digital signage to streamline their workflow with displays their tenants interact with at multiple points throughout the day. A closer look makes it easy to see why tenants consider the digital signage screens installed in their lobbies, elevators, and other high-traffic common areas a top-tier investment, something they appreciate and enjoy watching.

How Commercial Digital Signage Streamlines Tenant Communication

Tenant digital signage screens are one of the fastest-growing segments of advanced communication technology available. The turnkey proptech is cost-effective, streamlines management operations, improves the effectiveness of property announcements and offers a range of solutions to suit any building’s aesthetic. 

Property owners have the option of installing permanent screens, free-standing, no-drilling required screens or using simple plug-and-play devices to connect existing displays to their communication network.

Intuitive software can reduce their reliance on email notifications, outdated bulletin boards, and posters by creating eye-catching tenant messaging screens in minutes. Not only do their screens minimize visual clutter, but property managers and support staff are also leveraging the technology for some notable business essentials.

Automating Resource-Intensive Tasks

Using software to create digital messaging screens gives property managers more time (and money) to invest in other areas. In locations where management incorporates interactive features into their displays, the proptech is also used to automate multiple resource-intensive tasks. Take QR codes, for example. 

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Administrators are using this simple addition to their messaging screens to track notification acknowledgments, direct tenants to maintenance requests, provide answers to frequently asked questions, automate property management inquiries, encourage tenants to RSVP to management-hosted events, provide access to self-service meeting room reservations, and more.  

Keeping Tenants Safe with Notifications & Reminders

Many building owners worry that their tenants may not be as well-versed in safety protocols as they should be. In properties with commercial digital signage, owners and their management teams have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that everyone has ample opportunity to review location-specific safety protocols, evacuation instructions and emergency exit locations. 

When screen creation software is accessible from any internet-capable device, management can keep their tenants and visitors informed of critical updates, travel hazards, weather warnings, and potential security threats in real-time.  

Providing Relevant & Engaging Content

The same screens property owners and their management teams can use to broadcast property message screens efficiently can also display office directories, help with navigation and wayfinding, share employee-relevant news, and announce event promotions. 

In buildings where digital screens broadcast property-relevant communication alongside a workplace-relevant, richly curated programming mix employees and visitors appreciate and enjoy, common area screens are transformed into a modern amenity—with considerable impact on workplace satisfaction scores, tenant acquisition, and lease renewals.

How Relevant Content Adds Value to Property Messaging Signage  

If you’re a property owner of a commercial building, you know that efficient, effective communication is essential for achieving short-term and long-term goals. 

With email reminders, hastily crafted memos, and old-school notice boards, there’s no guarantee that everyone you’re trying to reach is paying attention. Throughout the entire chain of command, communication lapses can lead to misinformation, misunderstandings, and even strained manager/tenant relationships.

That’s where audience-relevant content factors into the equation. Property owners can use a turnkey network partner to provide workplace-appropriate, captivating sources of information and entertainment with no additional effort required. As tenants come and go, they become used to looking to the building’s digital signage for valuable, engaging content. 

This ensures all eyes are on the screen for your messaging, as well. Having your property name and logo prominently displayed alongside essential tenant messaging screens and content viewers enjoy and is safe from controversial content builds positive brand associations and impresses visitors. Creating an impressive atmosphere for employees and visitors builds tenant loyalty.

Choosing the Best Screen Creation Tools and Content Software for Your Properties

Digital communication screens can have a notable impact—whether for a single-tenant commercial property or a broader portfolio. But modern digital screens aren’t all supported the same way. 

Most providers don’t customize the software needed to easily create professional, engaging property messages, and most don’t provide curated, high-value content, either. When screen creation and upkeep become too much of a chore, display screens intended to streamline communication and automate administrative tasks fall aside and become a hindrance. 

If tenants see that common area screens rarely show anything new, they stop paying attention. Engagement declines and communication fails. Some service providers attempt to overcome the obstacles created by screen stagnation. They broadcast tenant message screens alongside generic RSS feeds or ticker displays. 

But the media network providers elevating communication screens provide intuitive software complete with an expansive library of professionally created tenant announcement templates, a robust editorial calendar, and an always relevant, expertly curated programming mix. When it comes to content, expect a range of engaging material, such as:

  • Global & National News Reports. Global and national news reports have universal appeal, provided the content is curated from reputable sources. The most in-demand media network providers ensure the integrity of their content by leveraging partnerships with an impressive number of world-class content providers like the Reuters, Associated Press, USA Today, and Toronto Star, for example. 
  • Stock Market Reports & the Latest Business News. Influential business professionals value industry-relevant content on your screens. Your tenants and their employees are sure to appreciate sources that provide information about corporate mergers, interest rates, and industry reports. For value-added content for viewers interested in market indices, financial advice, or the latest trends, look for sources like Forbes, Business Wire, Wall Street Journal, or The Business Journals.
  • Health Information & Lifestyle Tips. For busy professionals in high-profile positions, health information and lifestyle tips are a welcome addition to their day and valuable information for professionals striving to achieve work/life balance. A range of topics include informative reports about fitness trends, nutrition, and actionable tips for alleviating stress. As you’re comparing network providers, consider the value of having contributions from Everyday Health, LifeScience, or Mental Floss in your rotation.
  • Entertainment News & Travel Reports. Professionals are seeking to balance their personal and professional interests and understandably appreciate a diverse mix of content that incorporates entertainment and travel stories. These provide a momentary respite from the complexities of daily life. Interesting travel tips—everything from sightseeing recommendations to reading about less commonly explored destinations—inspire exploration and adventure. For tenants in need of a diversion, content from well-known sources like The Hollywood Reporter, Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Billboard, Afar, Fodor’s, and POPSUGAR are always well-received.
  • Sports & Scores. Like entertainment, health reports, and travel destinations, broadcasting sports news highlights and game scores on office digital signage display screens enhances workplace culture and keeps sports enthusiasts updated on upcoming games, scores, trades, and the latest headlines. Tenants bond over shared team loyalties. To keep the sports fans in your buildings engaged, look for content from Bleacher Report, Front Office Sports, SB Nation, or USA Today Sports.
  • Weather Reports & Real-Time Transit Updates. Weather conditions affect everyone in your building. The weather impacts everything from their commute to their weekend plans. With real-time transit updates added to the mix, you’re adding value to your screens by helping commuters avoid travel disruptions and find the most efficient route to their destinations. For weather and transit information, look for content from sources like AccuWeather, Total Traffic, and Flight Aware.

Optimize Your Property Communication with Commercial Digital Signage that Makes It Easy 

In markets where vacancy rates are difficult to predict with any degree of certainty, invest in commercial digital signage to optimize communication, elevate your reputation, and enhance the desirability and success of your commercial properties. 

With user-friendly tenant communication software accessible from any internet-capable device, and a professionally curated, audience-relevant programming mix that ensures maximum viewer engagement, reaching your tenants effectively is easy. When you partner with Captivate, you have the option of investing in our fully managed network or connecting a Captivate | Go plug-and-play device to your existing screens. Our user-friendly ScreenCenter™ content management software (CMS) makes it simple to create professional-looking tenant announcements in minutes, and our ability to attract and retain viewer attention is unrivaled. Are you ready to see how Captivate can be the turnkey solution that supports your goals with streamlined efficiency? Let’s get started!

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