How Elevator Advertising Captivates Modern Professionals in the Workplace

Placing highly-targeted ads across multiple media channels helps advertisers achieve higher ROI on their client’s media budgets. But even in today’s digitally focused world, marketers are finding it increasingly difficult to hold the attention of high-value business professionals where and when important purchasing decisions are made—with most B2B and B2C decision-makers spending 40% of their day looking at screens, it can be harder than ever to create quality impressions. 

Finding an effective solution to that challenge is why some of today’s most successful brand campaigns are adding elevator advertising to their media strategy, leveraging digital out-of-home (DOOH) screens as part of their plans. In commercial properties and luxury residential communities nationwide, property owners are installing these DOOH screens in elevators and common areas. The displays are so popular with tenants, employees, and visitors, that property managers are adding the communication technology to their list of high-value amenities

While there’s a lot to be said for the value and variety of locations that today’s DOOH landscape provides in terms of targeting audiences, few locations can compete with elevator advertising’s ability to capture the attention of modern professionals in a captive, clutter-free environment. 

How Elevator Advertising Ensures Brand Campaigns Reach Their Target Audience  

Elevators are uncluttered and distraction-free. Conventional elevator etiquette dictates that passengers wait to enter and exit in an orderly manner. All personal conversations stop, eye contact is kept to a minimum, and most forward-facing riders pass the time by watching the numbered floor designator lights. The lack of personal space, close proximity to strangers, and absence of social interaction tend to feel unnatural or awkward.

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In close quarters where conversation is discouraged, DOOH screens are a welcome diversion. Passengers appreciate how easily the technology cuts through the tension. Marketers benefit from their ability to reach captive, highly-targeted professional audiences multiple times per day before their most important purchasing decisions are finalized.

Why Targeting Strategies to Reach High-Value Professionals Have Shifted to Include Office Hours

For decades, it hasn’t been a common practice for marketers to target working professionals during office hours. But with so many people striving to achieve a better work/life balance, there’s been a dramatic increase in the number of modern professionals with considerable discretionary income making personal and business purchases from their desks. 

Of the many vehicles marketers have at their disposal to ensure their campaign reaches the right people, in the right place, at the right time, DOOH screens are the only option that combines the advantages of placing client ads alongside contextually relevant content, purchasing ad space on streaming platforms, and old-school out-of-home advertising locations. 

By investing in elevator advertising, marketers are able to reach B2B and B2C decision-makers as they’re making their way to their office, stepping out for lunch, returning to their desks, and heading home for the day.

Why Elevator Advertising Is One of the Best Ways to Reach B2B & B2C Decision-Makers

Marketers adding elevator advertising to their media strategies are essentially purchasing strategic viewership. They’re making the best use of technology to ensure their ad campaign is effective utilizing the latest advances in placement technology to ensure their advertising is seen ONLY on elevator screens in buildings their target audience frequents. They’re choosing those locations based on highly specific parameters, including business type, job titles, business size, and location.

They’re also taking advantage of custom creative executions to ensure optimal results. With its unique ability to increase brand awareness and stay top-of-mind in spaces modern professionals congregate before finalizing travel plans, splurging on high-end fashion, subscribing to meal kit delivery services, or deciding where to stop for an afternoon latte, elevator advertising is efficient and effective.

Why Agencies Choose Media Network Providers Offering Professionally Curated Content

Since news first broke of the demise of third-party cookie trails, strategists have shifted their focus from behavioral ad triggering to contextual ad placement. But capturing audience awareness is more challenging than ever. 

Experts suggest impressions need to hold attention for at least 2.5 seconds to be remembered. Studies show that media strategies optimized in a way that holds viewer attention are three times more effective for building brand awareness than those that are not. As a result, marketers are partnering with media network providers displaying ad creatives alongside an expertly curated, contextually relevant programming mix that modern professional audiences appreciate and enjoy.

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Industry experts also suggest that contextual relevance elevates brand reputation and dramatically improves the overall quality of the viewer experience. But not all media network providers offer the same type of service. 

When your clients are counting on your ability to appeal to elusive niche audiences, you need every advantage you can get to ensure the entire experience resonates with those most likely to invest in their products and services. As you contemplate the advantages of elevator advertising for your clients, consider how the following benefits of professional curation could impact your business.

Ensuring a Brand-Safe Programming Mix

Digital ad spend is expected to increase by nearly 14% through 2023. With the many benefits of displaying ad creatives to a captive audience, market analysts expect the indoor sector of DOOH technology to maintain a CAGR of more than 18% through 2030. 

The most in-demand media network providers make it easy to enhance brand image by displaying ad creatives alongside a meaningful programming mix, a range of business or lifestyle content, management tips, local and national news reports, real-time transit updates, and more.

A media publisher’s commitment to offering a brand-safe viewing environment is essential. Even a casual association with content considered inflammatory, factually questionable, or inappropriate can have lasting repercussions. Reputable, experienced media network providers understand that professional reputations are on the line, including their own. To ensure a brand-safe environment, they provide curated content from respected, world-class media partners to ensure their programming mix remains controversy-free.

Offering an Expansive Network of Screens Located in Top Markets

Media planners are tasked with making the best use of a limited budget. They’re expected to maximize overall reach while minimizing waste to inattentive viewership or viewers outside their target audience as possible. With the anticipated growth of the DOOH industry, there’s been a steady increase in the number of media companies offering digital out-of-home ad placement opportunities to ad agencies, marketers, and local businesses. But few offer advertising in elevators that help ensure marketing efficiency.

As you’re browsing the options, remember that it’s probably not wise to base network provider decisions on price alone. You could get locked into an arrangement that doesn’t make sense for the brands you represent. 

The best media networks for brands targeting modern professionals with considerable purchasing power offer a vast network of digital screens located in premium locations across dozens of top markets—as such, it’s easy to target screens in locations where your client’s target audience congregates, meaning less waste and greater efficiency.

Providing Collaboration Services to Help Your Agency Achieve Brand Goals

If you’re currently using software to target key demographics, you know firsthand how hyper-specific you can get with digital ad placement. You understand what it takes to plan, design and implement the type of ads some of today’s most successful agencies are placing on elevator screens. As you’re comparing what each media provider offers in terms of screen placement, their number of active markets, and monthly impressions, you may also want to consider if those providers offer a cookie-cutter approach to elevator advertising, or will partner with you to develop custom brand collaborations that support your campaign goals.

Some of the most impactful elevator ads are prompted by data integrations including location, weather or custom triggers. When a network provider offers customized brand alignments, expertly tailored solutions, gamification, and data-driven insights into your client’s ad performance, you’ll have everything you need to deliver exceptional value.  

Could Elevator Advertising Be a Valuable Addition to Your Next Campaign?

With so many modern professionals making important purchasing decisions during business hours, the best marketers are placing highly-targeted ads across multiple media channels to ensure their ad creatives reach their intended audience when and where it matters. Elevator advertising is one of the most effective, efficient investments available.Captivate is an industry-leading media network with one of the largest digital screen footprints delivering advertising in elevators, lobbies, and common areas of premium office buildings and luxury residential communities across North America. To learn more about our vast network of digital screens, expertly curated content, and custom on-screen executions, submit a contact form today to book a demonstration.

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