Building Tenant Satisfaction With Real Estate Digital Signage

A building with the latest in-demand features and tenant amenities will achieve elevated status and attract interest. Most prospective tenants weigh the perks of working in one commercial real estate (CRE) multifamily community against the amenities offered in another before finalizing their leasing decisions. 

But even with the most lavish amenities, tenants who don’t feel respected, valued, or connected to their community are less likely to stay. That’s where real estate digital signage factors into tenant satisfaction scores and lease renewal rates.

Real estate digital signage is a multipurpose investment, something many real estate investors leverage for the sole purpose of modernizing a building’s aesthetics and projecting a tech-forward image. For property managers in CRE communities, however, the lobby, common area and elevator screens are ideal for modernizing and streamlining communication, creating a welcoming environment, and increasing tenant satisfaction—benefits that translate to optimal renewal rates.

How Real Estate Digital Signage Supports Efficient, Effective Communication

A significant amount of today’s tenant communication is transmitted electronically through text messages, tenant portals, and email; however, many property managers have discovered that the most common digital communication solutions are less effective than in the past. 

Take email and text messaging, for example. The average person receives up to 120 emails every day, and surveys suggest that most people have at least 50 unread messages languishing in their inboxes. Adults between the ages of 18 and 24 send and receive nearly 4,000 text messages per month.

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Property managers trying to reduce the potentially detrimental impact of missed notifications spend a lot of time (and money) creating reminders to pin to bulletin boards and posters to position near entrances and elevators. Are tenants paying attention? Maybe. But maybe not—an unfortunate chance that increases the risk of misinterpretation, miscommunication, and missed opportunities to forge positive tenant relationships. But with the right combination of hardware and intuitive, turnkey software, real estate digital signage supports efficient, effective tenant communication in ways that traditional channels do not.

How Managers Prioritizing Communication Can Best Use Screen Creation Software

You and your staff have a lot on your plate. And while you likely understand the direct correlation between efficient, effective communication and tenant satisfaction, the reality is that messaging delays, hastily posted notifications, and having too little time during the day to properly communicate with tenants can lead to misinterpretation, miscommunication, and unfortunate misconceptions.

For managers with more to do in a day than time to get the job done, real estate digital signage screens are a welcome addition to their tenant communication strategy. With the right combination of technology to streamline communication and automate resource-intensive tasks, you’ll have more time to connect with tenants, focus on engagement strategies, and build a sense of community. The following features of a comprehensive content management platform can be game-changers.

A Broad Range of User-Friendly Templates

Generic screen creation tools aren’t all that helpful when efficiency is priority one. Some are so complex they can take weeks or months to master. Plus, having a dedicated designer or marketing resource with design skills to create professional notices is a luxury most properties do not have. Choosing a digital signage partner who provides access to a large selection of professionally created, industry-relevant templates is the better option. 

The right platforms are frustration-free, user-friendly, and equip you with the tools to customize sleek, professionally designed messages. With minimal effort, you can customize, upload, and display effective property message screens in minutes—or easily schedule them to publish at a later date. 

Customizable Display Features

While you may want many of your property messages to be full-screen for maximum visibility, there are other messages you may want to be “always on.” More advanced screen management solutions give end users more control over the appearance and focus of message screens so that the most effective size can be used to suit the message. 

Static message displays, for example, allow you to manage dedicated space on messaging screens for office directories, after-hours contact information, weather data, automated data feeds, or other information that is most useful when always visible.  

A Robust Editorial Calendar and Engaging Content

When property message screens display alongside dull RSS feeds or repetitive playlists, residents quickly lose interest and stop watching. Today’s most impactful real estate screens are optimized for engagement. 

Top-tier screen management platforms capture viewer attention with an expertly curated programming mix from world-class sources residents recognize, respect, and enjoy watching. Rather than random information on repeat, viewers see well-known names they recognize offering up the most current information—on subjects they’ll be talking about as they move through their work day or meet up with friends.

How Real Estate Screens Build Better Tenant Relationships

Keeping tenants informed and engaged in a modern, creative way can go a long way toward building better relationships—the type of relationships that boost tenant satisfaction scores and lease renewal rates. Once the screens are set up, end-users are familiar with the software, and the signage is optimized to attract and retain viewer attention, property managers and their teams have a powerful tool that will soon become one of your building’s most valued assets.

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As you contemplate how the visual impact of your cost-effective real estate signage will impact your image (and impress your visitors), consider some of the many ways your digital communication proptech can be used to create a welcoming environment, promote a sense of community, and build better tenant relationships.  

Posting Invitations to Tenant Engagement Activities   

Hosting activities that bring people together is one of the easiest ways to elevate the tenant experience and increase overall satisfaction scores. Your activities don’t have to break the bank. Consider hosting a coffee bar, philanthropic donation drives, or organizing a food truck day.

Promoting your engagement opportunities on real estate digital signage well in advance of your event ensures people have ample opportunity to open their schedules. Tenants who feel part of an inclusive, vibrant community are more likely to renew their leases than those who do not.

Encouraging Tenant Involvement in Area Events

People who feel strongly connected to the neighborhood where they work are happier. While browsing your template library, you’re sure to find plenty of options appropriate for promoting area events and encouraging the support of local merchants. You could post entire event calendars month by month or promote them individually. Some screen management platforms include templates that make it easy for property managers to invite area business owners to advertise on their residential screens.

Announcing Upcoming Amenities & Upgrades

When your screen creation software is accessible from nearly any internet-capable device, it’s easy to create announcement screens for upcoming amenities as soon as the plans are finalized—at your convenience—to avoid last-minute scrambling. 

When software is equipped with features that allow you to schedule the publication of your screens for a later date, you can create screens informing tenants of any anticipated disruptions before they occur, then update and publish those notifications as needed. The same principles can also be applied to generate enthusiasm for services that drive incremental revenue.

Keeping CRE Tenants Safe

The tenants working in office towers engage with elevator screens and common area displays multiple times each day. With engaging information that stays up-to-date, these screens become something tenants look to for information whenever they pass by. This makes real estate digital signage ideal for displaying a rotation of screens that provide emergency evacuation instructions, emergency exit locations, and safety protocol reminders. 

When the software is cloud-based and accessible from just about anywhere, property owners and their management teams can also warn tenants of weather advisories, hazardous travel conditions, security concerns, or unexpected maintenance issues in real time.

Encouraging Tenants to Participate in Referral Programs

Offering incentives for current tenants to bring applicants to your doorstep is mutually beneficial. Tenants appreciate the opportunity to earn one-time rent reductions, gift cards, or merchandise from local businesses in exchange for their recommendations. 

Real estate digital display screens optimized with simple QR codes can elevate these programs by making it simple for viewers to engage. They can provide a direct link to the program’s terms and conditions, direct visitors to images and floor plans of vacant spaces, and much more. 

Promoting Green Initiatives & WELL Certifications Tenants Value

Today’s tenants are seeking workspaces aligned with their core values. Environmentally conscious companies are seeking properties that are actively working to achieve and maintain sustainable practices, building supplies and energy-efficient policies. 

Health-conscious tenants, on the other hand, appreciate WELL-certified locations because of the wellness benefits they deliver. Promoting the programs and affiliations that differentiate your location from the competition raises tenant awareness and promotes goodwill among like-minded individuals.

Discover How Real Estate Digital Signage Builds Tenant Satisfaction in Your CRE Community

Property owners invest in cost-effective commercial digital signage to enhance the desirability and success of their properties. For management teams, the screens installed on office lobbies and common areas are ideal for ensuring efficient, effective communication and tenant satisfaction—goals best accomplished with Captivate-powered screens.

When you partner with Captivate, you have the option of investing in our fully managed network or connecting a Captivate | Go plug-and-play device to just about any HDMI-supported screen. Our user-friendly ScreenCenter™ content management software (CMS) and template library make it easy to create professional-looking screens in minutes. Your invitations, reminders, and alerts are published alongside constantly updated content residential communities value. Ready to get started

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