Why Is Captivate “B2B’s Trojan Horse”?

ANA Masters of B2B 2024 – Presentation

In collaboration with Kandace Barker, Head of B2B Strategy at Initiative, Captivate hosted a session at the ANA Masters of B2B Marketing exploring the complexities of B2B marketing and how trusted partners like Captivate are the Trojan Horse within an overarching media strategy.

As a leading premium video solution, Captivate provides B2B campaigns with precise audience targeting, dynamic creative solutions and elevated engagement in contextually relevant environments. This formidable combination builds meaningful connections with coveted, influential business decision makers to drive full funnel conversion.

OOH has experienced a remarkable transformation. This previously, passive, mass reach, exclusively top of funnel channel has evolved into a hyper-targeted, creatively nimble, and measurable solution. This presentation highlights the DOOH evolution for B2B, with examples from recent brand activations that illustrate how collaboration with Captivate can drive meaningful outcomes. 

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