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2022 Retail Trends | Office Pulse Research Newsletter 

2022 Retail Trends | Office Pulse Research Newsletter

June 28, 2022 | Office Pulse Research Newsletter

The pandemic accelerated the use of technology forcing consumers to shop online and learn how to use QR codes. Is in-store shopping making a comeback?  Where are consumers shopping?

Did You Know That In The US…

  • 43% of Professionals purchase clothing in stores; Down from pre-pandemic but Up from August 2021

  • 56% of Professionals are likely to scan QR codes on coupons and promotions to access discounts

  • 30% of Working Parents spend $200+ on groceries each week

  • 31% of Professionals went to a Quick-Service Restaurant 5+ times last 30 days.

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Now is the time to reach high-value, hard to reach decision makers during the workday where decisions are made and influenced.  

(Source: data through 3/27/22)

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