Captivate, A Leading Digital Out-Of-Home Video Network, Launches Partnership With ACTV8me’s Sequential QR  Code™ (SQR™) Platform, To Extend Ad Reach With Interactivity And Native Wallet Integration

Brands and agencies can transform any Captivate ad into a direct-to-consumer (DTC) experience without changing the front-end ad creative and leverage native wallet integration through Apple Pay or Google Pay.

NEW YORK, NY – April 27, 2022 — Captivate, a leading digital-out-of-home video network, today announced a strategic alliance with ACTV8me, ( a digital marketing technology leader, to extend ad reach and effectiveness through integration of ACTV8me’s proprietary SQR Code™ solution with Captivate’s ad inventory.

Brands and agencies can now enhance any campaign across the Captivate network to become a direct-to-consumer (DTC) experience without changing the front-end creative, by displaying ACTV8me’s Sequential QR Code™, (SQR™) that adds greater brand flexibility and interactivity in a programmatic way. Advertisers can enhance engagement with bidirectional features, enabling brands to create a personalized experience, and allowing consumers to transact with one click. By integrating ACTV8me’s SQR Code™ capabilities into Captivate’s ad inventory, advertisers can generate new leads and incremental revenue by making content and advertisements instantly shoppable, data-driven, and measurable, ultimately closing the sales loop to prove media attribution.

“Our mission at Captivate is to enrich the lives of the modern professional, and our partnership with ACTV8me amplifies our ability to deliver on that promise,” said Lorenzo Papa, CRO of Captivate. “Their SQR Code™ technology allows our advertising partners to entice, engage and target our viewers in a more immersive way along their daily customer journey. This offering expands opportunities for enhanced interactions that deliver actionable convenience to our viewers and meaningful outcomes for the brand.”

The SQR Code™ enables consumers to save data-driven offers into Apple Pay or Google Pay instantly and easily redeem online, in-store, and in-venue. Using geofencing capabilities, brands can remind consumers of existing offers with timely notifications once they are within proximity to a point of interest. Leveraging this technology, advertisers can create a curated experience for consumers and be at the forefront of the shopper’s mind, while measuring the effectiveness of each media source and the impact of the ad creative. By utilizing geolocation, the same SQR Code™ can even display different promotional and content offerings based on a consumer’s location, time of day, and number of interactions. The codes convey a unique brand voice with a measurable transactional layer and are optimized to be overlayed across any static and digital medium.

“Our exciting innovative partnership with Captivate delivers new discovery, ad monetization value, user engagement, and full-funnel attribution measurement for brand advertisers and their consumers,” said David Schreff, CEO of ACTV8me. “Our proprietary Sequential QR Code™ (SQR Code™) garners new actionable insights in real-time, that provide marketers with tools to reach campaign goals, all in a brand-safe, opt-in, and privacy-compliant environment.”

The partnership is live across US and Canadian markets, empowering brands to reduce friction through a mobile-centric solution.

Notes to Editor:

Captivate Media Contact:
Elena Grey, VP Marcom

ACTV8ME Media Contact:

Ashley McEntee

VP, Strategic Partnerships


About Captivate

Captivate is a leading digital-out-of-home video network with over 12,000 screens featured in premier locations where modern professionals live, work, and play. We connect agencies and brands to a high-value audience, and serve as a turnkey communication solution for our real estate partners. Captivate’s network engages millions of professionals daily, reaching them at multiple touch points along their daily journey with live editorial content and contextually relevant advertising. Located in captive environments and inviting interaction, Captivate screens deliver a seamless, engaging viewer experience designed to inform and delight. For more information, please visit captivate.

 About ACTV8ME

ACTV8me’s patented proprietary omnichannel media and marketing technology platform enables new consumer engagement, ad monetization and attribution measurement for all distributed content, including across any site, screen, signage, store shelf or surface (such as brand packaging). The platform powers an interactive and transactional overlay that premium content owners, streaming and linear media networks, digital display providers, retailers, sports and entertainment leagues, venue owners, digital out-of-home publishers, and brand advertisers leverage across their content and advanced ad campaigns, connecting marketing spend to measurable shopper sales outcomes. ACTV8me’s media partners provide consumers with new valuable shoppable content offers, digital coupons, rewards and loyalty information, and unique content, based on demographics and media consumption behavior, enabling brand owners to drive more measurable ROI. As a leader in interactive media experiences, including the breakthrough Sequential QR™ Code (SQR Code™), integrated to iOS and Android mobile wallets with geo-location reminders, ACTV8me has powered global advertising campaigns, delivering new opt-in data that is GDPR and IAB compliant, across all retail and e-com channels. ACTV8me also partners with global television production partners to deliver new interactive viewer engagement solutions, and to create original content that utilizes the platform’s functionality, to unlock new recurring revenue streams.