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Body Temperature Scanner
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Body Temperature Scanner   |   Face Mask Detection
Hand Sanitizer Dispenser   |    CDC Compliant

Body Temperature Scanner   |   Face Mask Detection   |   Touch-less Hand Sanitizer


Safely Welcome Staff & Visitors With Walk Up Body Temperature Scanner & Mask Detection

Captivate | SCAN  multi-use health check kiosk & display features walk-up body temp scanner, face mask detection, hand sanitizer dispenser & custom tenant communication portal, ScreenCenter™, to help create a safe, healthy building.  

This turnkey health & safety amenity promotes wellness as you reopen offices, retail shops, colleges & universities, hotels, sports arenas, multi-family residential properties, medical offices, and more. Click here to view buildings that have purchased SCAN. 

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Deliver a safe environment focused on the well-being of employees, customers, and visitors with Captivate | SCAN health & safety amenity. 

The walk up kiosk includes hand sanitizer dispenser, thermal body temperature scanner, communication display and detects face masks.  Option to integrate a customizable Health Survey questionnaire.  Captivate | SCAN display also features curated content from world-class media and ScreenCenter property management system CMS which provides ability to publish building specific messages.

This essential health-safety kiosk is perfect for lobbies, points of entry, and areas of congregation.  Captivate | SCAN provides peace of mind that your space is safe.  

Captivate news content from trusted world-class providers

ScreenCenter™ building owner & tenant messaging

COVID-19 dashboard with up-to-date instructions

Additional Features Available: Building/tenant security integration, Customizable Health Survey questionnaire, Custom branding, Option to remove temp scan and face mask detection

Pedestal and mounting options available

Connects to building WiFi

Scans/images anonymized and redacted

39 Lbs, 3’ 5″ tall unit with a 21.5” display

6’ 8’’ Tall including pedestal mount

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What is ScreenCenter™?2021-05-20T11:35:24-05:00

ScreenCenter™ is a user-friendly communication platform for buildings or businesses to effectively distribute important news and information to tenants and guests. This self-service messaging portal comes with design templates to ensure usage is simple and turnkey.

What is included?2020-10-01T17:52:47-05:00

In The Box:

  • 21.5” screen Captivate | SCAN unit and pedestal
  • Power supply cord
  • Remote control
  • Keys to open frame
  • WiFi antenna
  • Product manual
  • Screws and hardware


  • Captivate professionally curated content from trusted media sources
  • ScreenCenter™ custom communication portal allowing you to publish your own content to run on screen 10 times per hour


Does the pedestal option need to be secured into the ground?2020-09-10T18:22:43-05:00

No. The base option is very heavy so it does not need to be secured on the floor.

What color options are available?2020-09-10T18:22:14-05:00

The only the color option available is white.

What happens when a high temperature is registered?2020-09-10T18:19:55-05:00

The display screen will feature a visual notification that directs the user to see security personnel. There are also options to have an auditory notification or to receive an email when a user’s high temperature is registered.

How is the display connected to the internet? WiFi and hardwired?2020-09-10T18:12:18-05:00

Both are available.  Captivate | SCAN can be connected via WiFi or Ethernet connection.

What is the warranty?2020-09-10T18:11:08-05:00

Currently there is a 1-year manufacturer warranty.  Email for extended warranty options.

Is Captivate | SCAN FDA approved?2020-09-10T18:07:31-05:00

No, Captivate | SCAN is not FDA approved. However, it does meet the accuracy threshold of a screening telethermographic system, including the measurement uncertainty, of less than or equal to ±0.5°C (±0.9°F).

Can Captivate | SCAN be setup outdoors?2020-09-10T18:06:43-05:00

No, the device is not waterproof and should not be placed outdoors.

How challenging is set up?2020-09-10T18:05:58-05:00

Captivate | SCAN requires minimal assembly outside of pedestal attachment and hand sanitizer fill. The unit is plug-and-play: after plugging into a power source, an onscreen URL will initiate the registration process.

What is the current delivery time?2020-09-03T19:43:54-05:00

It will take 4-6 weeks from sales order placement to arrive on site.

Can I turn off Captivate content and not pay the $35 subscription fee?2020-09-03T19:23:22-05:00

No. Captivate manages the onscreen user experience and its content provides a welcomed distraction as users wait to be screened.

How many times will hand sanitizer be dispensed before needing to refill?2020-09-03T19:22:24-05:00

Approximately 1000 times.

How much hand sanitizer does the container hold?2020-09-03T19:22:04-05:00

1000mL of liquid, alcohol disinfectant.

Is there a specific type of hand sanitizer that needs to be used? Is there a specific container and or company that is used?2020-09-03T19:21:06-05:00

Any type of liquid sanitizer will work. The unit comes with a gel nozzle; additional nozzles for foam or liquid are available for an additional cost/fee.

How is data handled?2020-09-03T19:20:36-05:00

Outside of body temperature and wearing a face mask, only general, non-identifiable, anonymized demographic information is stored on the device.

What is the threshold for “abnormal temperatures”?2020-09-03T19:20:08-05:00

The threshold out of the box is set to 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit per CDC recommendations. However, an owner can customize this threshold on-site to accommodate specific venue parameters.

How long do you have to stand in front of the device to register temperature?2020-09-03T19:19:35-05:00

Less than 3 seconds.

How far away from the camera do you have to stand to get your temperature taken?2020-09-03T19:16:34-05:00

Roughly 1.5 feet (0.5m)

“See how to conserve your floor space by adding COVID-19 safety needs to your lobby’s digital display”

“As states reopen and business professionals return to the office and other workplaces, Captivate Scan provides a multifunctional way for property owners, managers, and company executives to meet federal and local COVID-19 mandates in the same footprint as their news/entertainment/information kiosk, thereby saving floorspace and adding convenience for occupants and visitors.”

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“Captivate Launches All-in-One Solution to Support the Return to Work as States Reopen”

“The display will feature Captivate’s real-time content from leading media sources as well as building specific messaging to provide up-to-date communication on evolving guidelines and protocol.”

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“Captivate Launches All-in-One Solution to Support the Return to Work as States Reopen”

“These displays can be positioned at the entryway of both buildings and individual offices to ensure tenants and visitors adhere to all requirements before gaining access. The display will feature Captivate’s real-time content from leading media sources as well as building specific messaging to provide up-to-date communication on evolving guidelines and protocol.”

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“Captivate Launches All-in-One Solution to Support the Return to Work as States Reopen”

“In addition to the health and safety precautions, the Captivate Scan displays feature a hand sanitizer dispenser, building/tenant security integration and local transit information.”

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Captivate SCAN Five Star ReviewVery happy with our 3 SCAN devices!

“Captivate Scan has been an excellent addition to our company and the daily safety protocol measures & employee check-in. We now have three devices installed in our office as well as in our warehouse to ensure all employees feel safe and healthy. The product is great, installation was simple and the service throughout the process was excellent. I highly recommend this innovative product, a truly full-service solution to a timely challenge.”
– James David Wagner, CEO of Dezine News

Captivate SCAN Five Star ReviewResponsive Team!
“Captivate Scan is quick, convenient, and user-friendly, which has smoothed the transition back to the workplace for our tenants. The Captivate team has been helpful and responsive throughout the ordering, installation, and adoption of the scanners in our buildings.”
– Michael Prunty, Senior Vice President of Property Management at ESRT 

Temp & Mask Scan Alerts With Visual Cues

“Welcome! Be Safe. Stay Well” runs on the screen until a visitor prompts the “Please Step Closer” command. The screen will give three commands depending on the circumstance after scanning someone’s face, “Please Proceed”, “Please Wear A Mask” and or “Please See Security Personnel”.

Captivate Scan Gif


Enhanced safety & health precautions reassure visitors


Real-time content & building messages


Communicate COVID-19 mandates


Reduce perceived wait times with valuable news


Turnkey, no hassle installation

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