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Elevate Your Building With A Free Captivate Screen & Subscription

Captivate delivers tech-forward, digital display solutions designed to attract building occupants and set your building apart. 

For over 25 years, Captivate has offered comprehensive solutions to commercial real estate owners to increase occupant satisfaction, drive occupancy and increase renewals – all with minimal effort.

To prove Captivate’s value and commitment to the resurgence of the commercial office sector, we are offering select buildings a free, large-format screen with a no-cost subscription to the Captivate media service.

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Brookfield 415 Natoma V2

The Offer

  • Landscape or portrait display (43" to 50") - Free Hardware
  • Captivate GO player - Free Hardware
  • Installation & set-up (optional) - Free
  • Media Service 36 months - Waived $50/mo
  • Deluxe Digital Branding - Waived $10/mo
  • ScreenCenter messages (720/day) - Waived $25/mo
  • ScreenCenter upgrades (video & override) - Waived $50/mo
  • Captivate MOVE add-on (real-time transit data) - Waived $75/mo

Effortless Property Messages

The Captivate ScreenCenter™ Content Management System enables you to create your own property messages in minutes and publish them to one or more screens and buildings, even from a mobile device.


Property Notifications

Post messages to keep customers informed, whether it be to notify of scheduled maintenance, welcome new tenants, present lease referral programs or promote events.

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Post urgent messages quickly to keep customers and visitors safe, informed and confident of what to do no matter the situation.

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Highlight onsite amenities to inform customers and encourage participation in all that your property has to offer.

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Expertly Curated Content

Captivate’s professional editorial staff leverages 25 years of experience to curate news, sports and entertainment programming that is most likely to resonate with your customer base and add value to their day. Add Captivate | MOVE to post nearby transit information for even greater customer value.

Content Partners

We publish content from our network of trusted global and local content providers across multiple genres.

More than 150 content providers










Washington Post

Fodors Travel

Time Out

Programming Mix

Our bite-sized programming covers a range of genres designed to inform and entertain.

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Real-Time Transit Solution

Reliable transit data is customized to feature local stops based on your property's location to inform commute decisions of busy tenants.  Optimize your screen content experience to boost tenant engagement.


Why Choose Captivate?

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