Captivate Launches The Women In Business Series In Celebration Of Women’s History Month  

Custom content series highlighting prominent figures in leadership positionsinspiring women in the workplace as hints of a ‘shecession’ continue  

NEW YORK – March 3, 2021 —  Captivate, North America’s leading location-based digital video network, today announced the Women In Business series in celebration of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. This handcurated series highlights the contributions of women in history, culture & business, results from the latest Office Pulse survey and quotes from leading executive women in the business industry.  

 While Women’s History Month continues to gain more recognition over time, this year marks a historical milestoneAs the unemployment rate continues to be disproportionately skewed with women accounting for 100% of job losses in December 2020, those still in the workforce are juggling an unexpected amount of personal and professional tasks in the wake of Covid-19. This series will shine a necessary light on the vital rolewomen have and continue to play in business. Candid responses from prominent figures of top brands such as Hulu, Verizon Media, OMD, Initiative, Accenture and Hyundai will be featured throughout the month as they were asked to provide tips on time management, conquering stress, climbing the corporate ladder and advice they would provide to their younger selves.  

 As the role of the working woman continues to evolve and be redefined, we are very excited to bring this important and timely series to the network,” said Kate Scanlan, Content Director at Captivate. “While the personal and professional responsibilities have gone up, women are proving their resilience and we believe this series will provide uplifting, inspirational, real-life advice that encourages further camaraderie not only during Women’s History Month but going forward.” 

 According to the latest Office Pulse survey50% of women say their personal responsibilities have increased during the pandemic. This is echoed at the office, as 53% of women say their professional responsibilities have also increased. Yet, 76% of those surveyed say they have not fallen behind at work due to the additional workload. 

 The Women In Business series will launch on International Women’s Day across Captivate’s network of over 12,000 screens in office and residential buildings throughout North America. Example quotes that will be featured on screen include:  

 Hard things ultimately bring you the most joy and success – they set you apart and give you superpowers. Challenges are your fuel to grow.  Jen Whelan, VP of Marketing at Verizon Media 

 I prioritize based on urgency, need, time it will take to resolve the challenge and who is asking. Then, I set clear boundaries around my time.  Dr. Debbie Donsky, TDSB Superintendent of Education 

 My antidote for stress is exercise! Reserving an hour each morning to calibrate and reboot has been essential – now more than ever.” – Cathy Collier, CEO at OMD Canada 

 “Acknowledge those that help you. It may sound like a small gesture, but it will mean a lot to the person helping you out.” – Nedra Dickson, Europe Market Lead and Global Supplier Inclusion & Sustainability Lead at Accenture Procurement Plus 


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