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About nSuite

Relevant News & Information

In the non-office era, work/life balance is key. Employees want to be connected to the outside world, even during work hours. This is why we partner with over 150 best-in-class media providers to bring viewers the best content available. In addition, Captivate office screen content is backed by Nielson research. This hand-curated content ensures value and relevance to the modern professional. Taking a quick break from reading emails doesn’t hurt, either.

Employee Communication

Broadcast corporate messaging with ease using our ScreenCenter™ platform. You’ll have access to dozens of visually engaging templates, including the ability to post videos. Whether you are sending HR reminders, corporate events, sales dashboards, or employee spotlights you’ll grab the attention of the entire staff. As always, your corporate messages can be broadcast to just one screen or across a portfolio of offices.

Advanced Features

We know a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work when every company has distinct corporate messaging needs. Because of this, Captivate offers an extensive, flexible feature set, with the goal of making life easier for our clients. Enjoy corporate branding options, listing board, alert messaging capabilities, and custom content selection – to name a few.

nSuite Delivers Best-In-Class Content

Most providers require you to program your own network using various app extensions and needing extra staff to manage it all. With Captivate nSuite, we do all the heavy lifting for you. Our premium Live content comes from the world’s most trusted media outlets and is live-curated by our professional editorial staff specifically for the office professional. Our primary goal is to keep employees informed of what is most important to them each and every day.

Programming Mix

Where does Captivate get all that great content from, anyway? 

Below is a sample of just a few of our 150+ media partners

Employee Communication Platform


Our powerful cloud-based CMS used to broadcast your message to any screen, at any time.

The Captivate SceenCenter™ portal is your custom messaging platform to broadcast any message you’d like to your audience. This powerful, cloud-based CMS comes pre-loaded with a variety of design templates that will allow you to easily build and post messages from day 1. Also, the user-friendly interface allows anyone in your office to learn and use SceenCenter easily. Masters in IT optional.