Tim Robertson

Technical Manager

The community that is felt between our departments and coworkers which makes the office environment feel like family. There is a real sense of unity and friendship that can be felt amongst my peers here in the Lowell office which is something that I have not felt at previous employers. Whether I am working with someone in the operations or the studio department, everyone is extremely friendly and willing to help make Captivate be the best brand that it can be. The same feeling is felt when the office has company events which include our summer trip to Kimball farm, super bowl parties, or glow in the dark mini golf which is a great way to reward the employees for successful quarterly goals.

The successful move from the Chelmsford office to our current Lowell office, along with the design of the new layout for the warehouse. As the Warehouse Manager, it was one of my responsibilities to assist the team in designing the new layout of the warehouse which was something I was extremely excited for. I therefore got to design the layout of the warehouse and set up the shelves and inventory locations in the way in which I saw fit for our 650+ different part numbers and around 8,000 different individual items. At our previous office, the warehouse design and inventory locations did not make a whole lot of sense from an inventory picking standpoint, so our new location of inventory has drastically reduced our pick time and has created much better material flow.

By managing the Captivate Volleyball team “How I Set Your Mother”. This is my third year playing with the team and my first year managing the team and it is something I truly enjoy being a part of. The team plays one night a week during the summer at the sand courts at the Nashoba Valley Ski Area, and has been an absolute joy to participate in. It’s great to have employees from all different departments participate. From Operations, to Accounting, Studio, and Content, we all enjoy getting out in the sun (pictures are clearly from a cold, cloudy, rainy day) and having fun playing some volleyball in the sand. As I said before, it helps create that special family bond which is what makes Captivate so unique and so special to be a part of.