Scott Yapp

Director of Creative Technology, Engineering

As someone who is fascinated by both the disciplines of design and technology, I enjoy conceptual and visual work equally as much as executing in a technical/procedural space. Working at Captivate allows my team and I to engage with projects on both sides of the spectrum. Also, I would be remiss not to mention operating with some of the greatest personalities and talents I have had the pleasure of working with in my employment history.

Some of my proudest moments at Captivate have been working with the team to develop new ways to push the boundaries of our technology, and in so doing, furthering the evolution of the Captivate experience. One of my earlier projects with the company was to bring dynamic, data based advertising to Captivate, something that was entirely new to the network. Over the years, this product has proven to be successful on both advertising and viewer engagement levels. Additionally, the 2015 new look design/development project that brought more creative control to the front end developers, incorporated a variety of new data in the widget, as well as incorporating motion transitions and a larger variety of screen configurations was very rewarding.

Throughout my time at Captivate, I have experimented with a variety of desk plants. From African violets to orchids and succulents. It’s a great way to bring some nature into the office space. I have a grow lamp at my desk that helps them flourish. Caring for them offers a great breather from work in the digital space.