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View CLEAN Screen Here

Make returning to the office fun!

Captivate Clean hand sanitizer dispenser

It’s TRUE – Financial Professionals Are Returning To The Office!
Are you ready to see your coworkers in person?

Captivate | CLEAN is the perfect solution as staff return to work. Whatever that may look like, full-time or hybrid. CLEAN is a portable hand sanitizing kiosk with a custom communication screen that can be used to welcome your staff back.

CLEAN’s onscreen news includes relevant, professionally curated content. Your office can discuss the latest news from Forbes, WSJ, BisNow, Time Out, Associated Press, SportingNews, Billboard, and more. We also feed in market updates, weather, and sports scores as well.

To help you provide security and reassurance, we offer ScreenCenter™. Captivate’s a proprietary content management system that allows your team to circulate knowledge at any time of day. Your staff can publish creative messaging to promote office events and updates right from their phone. Quick and easy! 

$1,825 [- 1 +]

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Professionally curated news and information from renowned media partners such as Forbes, WSJ, BisNow, Time Out, Associated Press, SportingNews, and Billboard
  • Best-in-Class Service & Support – Captivate’s Customer Success and Network Operations Center (NOC) including seamless installation
  • COVID-19 Dashboard with latest updates, health tips, and stats

  • ScreenCenter™, Captivate’s proprietary content management tool, is an easy to use portal that allows your team to effortlessly create, schedule, and publish messages to your Captivate Scan display. ScreenCenter is the perfect solution to replace outdated communication methods and keep your audience informed through your new digital display. Use your 120 messages (10 plays per hour) that come complimentary with your Captivate Scan purchase or upgrade your service before checking out!
Feature Description  Cost
Additional 120 ScreenCenter™
Messages (Total 240 per day)
Increase message frequency in ScreenCenter™
message portal to 20 times per hour.
$15 per month per screen
Additional 240 ScreenCenter™
Messages (Total 360 per day)
Increase message frequency in ScreenCenter™
message portal to 30 times per hour.
$30 per month per screen
ScreenCenter™ Video Ability to publish: 15-second video content through your ScreenCenter™ portal. $15 per month per screen
Custom Branding Display your logo on-screen ahead of the Custom Content Window $0 per month per screen
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  • Captivate | CLEAN:  70.8″ H x 16.5″ W x 13.4″ D,  99.2 Lbs
  • Screen:  21.5″ LCD Commercial Grade
  • Connects to building WiFi
  • Solution Bottle Volume – 1 Gallon
  • Gel, liquid, and foam nozzles included
Benefits Features
  • Enhance the safety & health of employees and customers
  • Touchless hand sanitizer dispenser
  • Assists with adherence of federal and local COVID-19 mandates
  • Captivate professionally curated news content (Global, National & Local News, Weather, Sports, Finance, Lifestyle, Tech & more)
  • Keep visitors up-to-date with real-time messaging
  • COVID-19 dashboard with up-to-date instructions
  • Reduce perceived wait times with valuable news
  • No hassle installation
  • Additional Options: custom branding, override message capability, building security access integration available
What is included in Captivate | CLEAN?2020-10-01T17:42:52-05:00

What is included? 

In the box: 

  • 21.5” screen Captivate | CLEAN unit 
  • Power supply cord 
  • Remote control 
  • Keys to open frame 
  • Three-hand sanitizer nozzles (foam, gel, liquid) 
  • Wi-Fi antenna 
  • Product manual 
  • Screws and hardware 


  • Captivate content 
  • ScreenCenter™ software to publish custom on-screen messaging to run 10 times per hour 
What is the current delivery time? 2020-09-29T17:17:06-05:00

It will take approximately 3 weeks from sales order placement to arrive on site.  

What runs on-screen? 2020-10-01T17:44:40-05:00

A mix of editorial content, custom ScreenCenter™ messaging, advertising, and the time and weather.  

Please note that Captivate’s low hardware costs are supported by advertising. For any issues surrounding on-screen content or ads, please contact 

What is ScreenCenter™? 2020-10-01T17:41:01-05:00

ScreenCenter™ is a user-friendly communication platform for buildings or businesses to effectively distribute important news and information to tenants and guests. This self-service messaging portal comes with design templates to ensure usage is simple and turnkey. 

How challenging is set up? 2020-09-29T17:15:14-05:00

Captivate | CLEAN requires minimal assembly outside of hand sanitizer fill. The unit is plug-and-play: after plugging into a power source, an on-screen URL will initiate the registration process. 


Does the unit need to be secured into the ground? 2020-09-29T17:14:50-05:00

No. The base option is very heavy so no need to be secured on the floor. 

What are the color options available? 2020-09-29T17:14:27-05:00

The only color option available is black. 

Is there a specific type of hand sanitizer that needs to be used? 2020-09-29T17:13:53-05:00

Any type of hand sanitizer will work. Alternate hand sanitizer nozzles are included to fit your preferred type (foam, gel, liquid). 

How much hand sanitizer does the container hold? 2020-09-29T17:13:23-05:00

3.6 L of hand sanitizer. 

How many times will hand sanitizer be dispensed before needing to refill? 2020-09-29T17:12:47-05:00

Approximately 2,500 times. 

How is the display connected to the internet? Wi-Fi and hardwired? 2020-09-29T17:12:25-05:00

Both are available. 

Can I turn off Captivate content and not pay the $35 subscription fee?2020-09-29T17:12:02-05:00

No. Captivate manages the on-screen user experience and its content provides a welcomed distraction as users wait to be screened. 

What is the warranty? 2020-09-29T17:10:59-05:00

Currently, there is a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Please email for extended warranty inquiries. 

Can I ship Captivate| CLEAN to multiple locations?  2020-09-29T17:10:22-05:00

Yes. To best assist you, please reach out through our live chat or contact 

Can I ship to Canada? 2020-09-29T17:07:24-05:00

Yes. To best assist you, please reach out through our live chat or contact 

Why do I need an MSA (Media Service Agreement)?  2020-09-29T17:06:55-05:00

A media services agreement (MSA) is required as Captivate is a provider of professionally curated media content that is researched and verified by third-party sources to ensure the highest level of engagement for our viewers and on-screen brands.  

What is the return policy for CAPTIVATE | CLEAN? 2020-09-29T17:06:27-05:00

We offer 30-day returns (shipping, handling & restocking not included). 

Returns will only be accepted for devices in the condition they were received. 
Please contact to initiate the returns authorization process. 

Can Captivate | CLEAN be set up outdoors?2020-09-29T17:05:46-05:00

No, the unit is not waterproof. 

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