It’s Time To Renew!
Thank you for your continued partnership. As a valued part of your amenities offerings to your tenants, we’d like to continue delivering a uniquely engaging content experience.

Here is an update of what we’ve been up to…

Custom Branding Solution

On-screen custom brand integration and promotion. Include your brand logo, color scheme, and building image integration via Elevators and Multipurpose Displays.


A recent study shows, 97% of Property Managers find ScreenCenter to be an effective way of communicating with their tenants. Now equipped with more dynamic messaging templates and alert override features.

Multipurpose Displays

Taking tenant satisfaction to new heights and still delivering meaningful and engaging news and information via large format screens set in areas of congregation for guaranteed viewership. Redefine your tenants’ experience with the Multipurpose Displays in your lobbies, elevator banks, conference spaces, tenant suites, fitness center and more. Complete with the Custom Content window features.

Custom Content Window

A real-time users for system for users and building managers to push content and custom messaging via desktop and mobile.

We heard from Property Managers and Tenants across our Network via OfficePulse surveys!

Property Managers Agree…

That they would recommend it to another building manager
Feel Captivate makes their property more attractive to tenants
Believes Captivate improves building communication
Agree Captivate helps their property stay up-to-date on industry trends
Believes Captivate increases tenant satisfaction at their building
Agrees Captivate improves overall tenant experience

Tenants Agree…

People watch Captivate screens in the elevators and common areas
Agree ScreenCenter™ is an effective form of building communication
Agree Captivate alleviates boredom, awkwardness or deadtime in elevators
Feel having Captivate in the building enhances their workplace experience
Rely on Captivate to keep them informed throughout the day
Of tenants would be disappointed if Captivate screens were removed

Renew Now!
Continue to enhance your tenant’s experience and create a community within the building with the CRE’s #1 Digital Media Amenity.