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You Now Have Access To Downtown Philadelphia’s Largest Digital Office Media Network

WHO: Captivate

Captivate screens are now installed in nearly 30 of Philadelphia’s most premier downtown office towers. In fact, over 1.8 Million viewers look at Captivate screens every month in Philly alone. The tenants inside those offices are some of your most valuable customers. Today, Captivate is giving local retailers the ability to advertise directly to those eyeballs by opening the door to space once reserved for fortune 500 brands. With our brand new hyper-local targeting tool, Captivate Create, retailers can now purchase on-screen ad space in Captivate buildings within walking distance to your shop. Starting at just $5.00 a day!

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Captivate’s Philadelphia Footprint

Monthly Impressions
Downtown Captivate Buildings

WHAT: Captivate Create

Utilize our new hyper-local ad targeting tool, Captivate Create, to purchase ad space directly on Captivate screens to drive foot traffic and new customers into your stores. Place your ad directly alongside blue-chip national brands for a fraction of the cost! 

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The Captivate Create Buyer Cycle

  1. Customers ride Captivate elevators during workdays (up to 95% of people watch Captivate screens)
  2. Elevator riders see ads for your store with location information
  3. Increased foot traffic and customers to your store 

Captivate Brings Engaged Customers To Your Store

HOW: 3 Easy Steps

We got the message… you don’t have the time or resources to hire big ad agencies to purchase the local media spots you desire. That’s exactly why we built Captivate Create – to be as simple as possible to use on your own. Using the self-service web portal here, all it takes is to simply select your desired buildings, upload your ad creative, schedule your timeframe, and checkout – it’s truly that easy. No agency needed… we promise.

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3 Easy Steps


Hand Select The Exact Buildings For Your Ad To Run In


Upload & Schedule Your Ad


Your Ad Is Viewed By Up To 95% Of Viewers

Easily customize and schedule ad messages using our cost-effective self-service portal to drive customers from Captivate buildings to your local business.

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Local Businesses Can Now Advertise On The Largest Office Media Network