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Opening Multifamily Amenities Safely to Combat COVID-19 Fatigue … Without Breaking the Bank

Opening Multifamily Amenities Safely to Combat COVID-19 Fatigue … Without Breaking the Bank

January 15, 2021 | By Alice Gogh | VP, Product & Strategist

Pre-pandemic, nearly 8 out of 10 residents frequented their multifamily amenities, according to research from Captivate’s Office Pulse panel of business professionals. With lockdowns and other pandemic-related health measures now in place, access to workspaces, fitness centers, and contactless package & food delivery are required to retain residents. 

While the trend to expand residential amenities in response to growing Millennial expectations was already on the rise, COVID-19 accelerated the pace drastically. While stuck at home, people want their home to be more than just living quarters, and this expectation is likely to outlive the pandemic.

Mental Health Concerns & Social Connections Brought to Light

Researching mental health, isolation, and quarantine fatigue, experts such as the AIA emphasize the importance of creating opportunities within apartment and condo facilities to safely increase social connection and interaction. For operators, this means adopting new services or having a plan to re-open existing amenities safely.  

Improvements in health safety and expansion of residential amenities require new investments and higher operating costs. That said, multifamily properties are experiencing the financial impact of COVID-19 and resources are tight. To balance the needs against the means, multifamily operators need to leverage technologies that serve more than one purpose. 

Re-open Your Amenity Spaces Leveraging Technologies That Serve More Than One Purpose

Property technology is poised to deliver these “swiss army solutions” for operators through collaborative innovation and cross-industry partnerships. These trends were propagated by proptech players pre-pandemic. Captivate, for example, teams with Rise Buildings to deliver mobile- and app-powered amenity, visitor, and package management features. Technology and proptech partnerships enable operators to meet residents’ needs without sacrificing too much of the bottom line.

Captivate | Scan offers a temperature scanner, face mask detection, and hand sanitizer alongside a digital tenant communication/information solution – a welcome and necessary asset to operators looking to re-open fitness centers or workspaces while upholding all safety protocols. 

In Conclusion

The full extent of COVID-19’s impact on the multifamily market is yet to be seen. However, we know how important condo and apartment amenity spaces have become for residents and the need for them to re-open safely without breaking the bank. Smart and cost-effective strategies that are adopted now will survive the virus and have a lasting effect on the tenant/landlord relationship. In this critical moment, multifamily properties, such as apartments and condos, have an opportunity to make future-proof investments and create long-term value for their residents.

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