The Industry’s Most Advanced On-Screen Features & Two Easy Hardware Solutions

The n’s And Outs Of The nSuite Screen

Advanced Features

Custom Content Window

Deluxe Corporate Branding

ScreenCenter Video

ScreenCenter Frequency

Custom Content Window

The Custom Content Window is a dynamic selection portal of the Captivate screen that allows you to choose between many different features to display. The CCW comes with the ability to build & post any Corporate Message of your choice (social media, welcome guests, reminders, events), use as a versatile Listing Board, select between various Data Content Feeds, or even use as in an Urgent/Alert situation.

Full Details

Corporate Messaging

Listing Board

Data Content Selection

Override/Alert Messages

Deluxe Corporate Branding

Brand your screen with your corporate identity to fully customize the on-screen experience and create consistency across your office. Corporate Branding truly makes your Captivate screen feel like a part of your company’s culture – and employees love it!

See Example
Custom Branding on Elevators

ScreenCenter™ Video

Have an awesome corporate video you want the whole office to see? Upload it into ScreenCenter to create an even more powerful message. ScreenCenter Video messages will play in rotation just as static image messages do. Just another added perk to support the ever-increasing demand for video content. 


I Have Screens

NEW! Captivate Go

Simply plug the Captivate Go stick into your existing displays with one easy HDMI-enabled device. Get the full power of Captivate service without the need for new screens or installation. Just plug it in and (Captivate) Go!