Leigh Lowery

SVP, Advertising Sales, West Region

Who doesn’t want to say, I love what I do!  I truly wake up happy and excited to come to work for so many reasons.  If I were to name what I like the most about working at Captivate, it’s partnering with some of the largest companies in the world who are at the forefront of innovation and technology to create meaningful solutions for their business.   Every day is a masterclass across different industries.

Not going to lie, I love to WIN!  It’s my thing.  I’m competitive by nature and naturally love closing a “big deal”, a promotion and/or a pat on the back.  I recently closed a landmark deal at Captivate.  That was pretty exciting for me!  

I decorated my office like my home.  Its comfy and eclectic and allows me to further have work-life harmony.   I also love to bring in my little fur baby, Moxie to the office.  She brings everyone so much joy and only occasionally growls at Juan.  LOL