Kelly Williams

Manager, Talent Acquisition

What makes Captivate such a great place to work is the people. The people here drive our company’s culture and the success of our product. Coming from both a small High School and University, having a tight-knit, family oriented culture is special. I look forward to coming into work everyday because of it. Plus, the product is amazing! I still learn new facts, get business advice, etc. from the screens. 

In the past year, we’ve hired over 55+ people! It’s amazing to see the organization grow and to be a part of that process. Working in recruiting, you’re able to build relationships with all departments (across all offices) and I value the opportunity to welcome each new employee to Captivate.

I’m a huge bookworm/podcast fan. I always have a book in my backpack or am looking for podcast recommendations from my co-workers (who btw, shared some great recommendations in 2017).