Jen Therriault

Director of National Sales

I’m the only “Captivatian” for Eastern Canada and so for Captivate to make me feel like part of the larger family is definitely one of my favorite aspects.  For such a large company, Captivate’s open door policy and collaborative approach allows me to know that I can connect with anyone across the organization at any time, for anything, and really be part of the bigger picture! 

Starting from an almost non-existent market and being able to develop it and show its potential, as well as break through a new industry for Canada is one of my proudest accomplishments.

Since I work mainly from home, I had to take a step back and realize that I had an amazing opportunity to plan my time and create a work-life balance. I have since replaced my morning commute in traffic to running outdoors on days I am at home.  From couch to 10km literally – I accomplished three 10km runs this summer and aiming for a half marathon next spring.