Jeanpier Lopez

Account Executive, Real Estate

Besides the “meat and potatoes” aspects of growth opportunity, leadership, and attractive earning potential- what I like most about working for Captivate is the culture. Today’s young professional demands more than just comprehensive benefits and flexibility from their organization; we demand an environment that fosters community, collaboration, and well-being. From the day I started Captivate, I knew this company was different. From a pantry stocked with healthy snacks to happy hours, in-office bday parties, showers, quarterly celebrations, and company/ departmental outings to coordinating volunteer and philanthropic team building projects that Captivate offers FTO for- there is never a shortage of ways to make work not just about “work”. And as cliché as it might sound, it’s the people that make the difference here! Some of my funniest and most outrageous memories have been sitting with colleagues at the kitchen table over lunch!

Without a doubt, my proudest moment was being promoted to Account Executive in just 7 months. I started with Captivate as a Business Development Associate, generating leads for Account Executives, and my hard work was immediately recognized. As soon as a spot opened up for an Account Executive to oversee Philly and Boston, I was offered the position. Then, I made Stretch Goal my first year and was recognized in front of the entire organization at our Sales Conference in New Orleans. I have a lot of pride in the way my professional trajectory at Captivate has unfolded.

For one, I bike to and from work every day. Not having to deal with the subway preserves my serenity and I get a workout! I also have the flexibility to work offsite or on the road as needed. Also, my gym is nearby so, when it’s not sweltering weather, I can sneak a quick workout which makes me more productive. And finally, some of my colleagues have become actual friends, and that can make all the difference when having a difficult day.