Christine Nguyen

Sales & Marketing Intern

The open learning environment. My boss, Leigh Lowery, really strives to give me a holistic view of Captivate within the advertising market by including me in her projects. Through her guidance, I have been able to refine my skills in conducting needs analysis and target marketing. She has also brought me along to client meetings with high-level executives and allowed me to partake in marketing calls. I’ve learned so much about the OOH/DOOH market– something I had little knowledge in — as well as the entire media planning process since joining Captivate. hat I like most about Captivate is the organization’s entrepreneurial spirit. This allows the organization to experiment with new products and at the same time allows employees to have a voice to help shape the future of the company. I feel that this spirit empowers employees to feel as if they were owners of the company too.

Aside from solidifying my desire to begin a career within the advertising industry, I’ve learned how to grow my network and interact with individuals of varying professional levels.

Trading personal stories! It’s always fun getting to hear about people’s tid-bits and humorous incidents, as it makes the workplace more personable. Also, I always start the day with a “good morning” when I come into the office!